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On Sat, May 29, 2010 at 10:08:24AM +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> On Fr, Mai 28, 2010 at 21:01:04 (CEST), Alexandre Quessy wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I want to join the Debian Multimedia Package Maintainers Team. (whatever
> > it's called) My alioth username is alexandrequessy-guest.
> I also see that you are familiar with jack. The most pressing question
> is to if we do want to enable users to switch their jack implementation
> in squeeze. Currently that's not possible, but ideas how to rearrange
> packages, shlibs files and provides have been proposed. I have to admit
> that I've lost track and don't know if they are still being considered
> of if everyone has lost motivation to actually implement them. Perhaps
> you (or someone else) can try to pickup that discussion?
> I've already announced on #debian-release a few days ago that we might
> require such a transition, but we'd also need to write a more formal
> email to debian-release for that.

My current understanding is that, yes, we want it to happen. The main
issue is people who know how having the time to make it happen.

If memory serves, Adrian knows the jack code and upstream the best of
anyone here. Reinhard knows about library magic stuff from working on
ffmpeg. Jonas knows lots of cdbs magic that might be helpful.

Do any of the three of you have time in the very near future to push
this forward? 

Are there others on the team paying attention with time, interest and
knowledge not mentioned above?

For reference in case anyway is new to the discussion or needs to
review, I think most of the relevant information is in this thread:

-edrz (who can't claim to understand the details at all well, but looks
forward to learning a great deal from watching from the wings whenever
it does happen.)

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