Dear Reinhard (I also post to the list because I believe this might be of general interest),

I have just reverted one of my most recent commits to the ffmpeg master.extra branch (which I consider our current working branch, given how stable the current 0.5.x package is), because I have found that most of what I intented to do has already been implemented (slightly differently, of course) in the ubuntu branch. The changes were not distro-specific and Debian could benefit from them as well (e.g. conditional enable of libopencore-amr codecs).

I'd like to ask you (and all other readers) to keep the usual work flow, i.e. apply non-distro-specific changes first to the Debian package and let them then find their way into ubuntu. This helps to avoid we accidently implement the same stuff twice (as has happened here) and keeps a smaller interdiff between the Debian and ubuntu packages.

Speaking of the interdiff, I think there are currently also some differences that could be avoided. Let's have a look at <>:

Apart from the changelog and the Maintainers field, I think the only reasonable differences should be in the Build-Depends and the disabled encoders (for documentation purposes, please do only comment out the *last* line, as suggested by the comment on the preceding line). The other removed confflags (dirac and openjpeg) should be handled by cond_enable chacks as well. Why does ubuntu enable runtime-cpudetect and Debian not?

Please elaborate and help me keep the difeerences between both branches as small as possible.


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