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I dislike this. The Homepage field should point to the homepage of the specific code project, not some more general page documenting what the code project aims to implement.

Yes, I know. I hesitated for quite some time, as there is no such thing like a homepage for ebml. There is an obsoleted page on sourceforge (<http://ebml.sourceforge.net/>), but it contains sentences like "All people that are working on EBML are related to Matroska" so I found it wrong to point there. Also, the files on the sourceforge server that they offer for download are at version 0.6, i.e. out of date by ages.

I would generally look at xxx.sf.net too, but apparently in this case that page documents not the code project but the EBML _language_.

Following the link at the left side to "Source code" leads to a page containing implementations of the EBML language, and the top one seems to be our code project.

This is how I found the URL below.

In this particular case, this seems to be the (closest thing to a)


I disagree. This link is merely a directory of tarballs without any informative value. I found that the page which was most able to represent libebml was the specifications page of matroska. If you (and maybe others) disagree, this is still subject to change, of course.

At the top of that page is a short intro on what this is, then links to both language spec, SF project page and SVN. I find that to be valuable info - if those URLs actually work, off course :-)

The libebml page intends to reference the Matroska EBML spec page, but the link is broken (lacks a triling index.html - apparently the server use a different default page name for directories). It probably makes good sense to notice upstream about that.

Which link is exactly broken? I couldn't find the symptoms that you describe.

Second paragraph on the page, the link named "Matroska specs". It links to http://www.matroska.org/technical/specs/#EBML_ex which is a broken page. Injecting "index.html before the anchor make the link work: http://www.matroska.org/technical/specs/index.html#EBML_ex (but a more elegant fix if possible is the configure the www.matroska.org webserver to serve index.html pages by default when / is requested).

If you do not get served the same web page as I describe above, then perhaps there is some content negotiation happening, which needs more debugging...

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