Dear matroska developers,

Jonas Smedegaard has found a bug in your web pages / web server, please find his explanations below:

Am 12.07.2010 14:38, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
The libebml page intends to reference the Matroska EBML spec page,
but the link is broken (lacks a triling index.html - apparently the
server use a different default page name for directories). It
probably makes good sense to notice upstream about that.

Which link is exactly broken? I couldn't find the symptoms that you

Second paragraph on the page, the link named "Matroska specs". It
links to which is a
broken page. Injecting "index.html before the anchor make the link
work: (but
a more elegant fix if possible is the configure the
webserver to serve index.html pages by default when / is requested).

With "the page" in "Second paragraph on the page" this page is meant:

 - Fabian

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