Dear Jonas,

Am 04.08.2010 18:16, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
I care for Debian, which implies that I care for users of Debian.

Ubuntu and other derivatives are users of Debian, and I care for them!

I am open to contributions from any and all Debian derivative. Ideally
all Debian-derived distributions would work together with us here at

I absolutely share and appreciate your opinion with regard to Debian and its derivatives.

If you consider it more important than have me do tidying for that
particular package, then sure - go ahead...

But I must say that I disapprove this "We play my rules or else..." attitude (which reminds me a bit of the to-CDBS-or-not-to-CDBS discussion we had some weeks ago), because I believe this is not how team maintenance works. You are perfectly right and ubuntuisms should be maintained in a separate branch, but c'mon, this is about 10 bytes in a Recommends field. Please don't be so stubborn. ;)


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