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> +Files: ./libs/pbd/dmalloc.cc
> +Copyright: 1995, Gray Watson
> +License: other-noncommercial-Watson

I had a look at this, here's what I wrote to upstream:

21:06 < adi> las: libs/pbd/dmalloc.cc mentions "for any NON-COMMERCIAL purpose" 
             as an exception, so it's technically not free.
21:07 < adi> (at least Debian is pretty sensitive to this kind of limitations 
             in licensing)
21:07 < adi> I had a look at the code, and I believe it's actually not in use.
21:08 < adi> The whole file is #ifdef DEBUG_MALLOC, and if it's set (it's not 
             when building for Debian), it includes a file from /usr/local/src.
21:08 < adi> I hence believe that nobody is using this code anymore, because 
             #include "/usr/local/src/dmalloc-4.1.2/return.h" would likely fail 
             on every machine.
21:08 < adi> (face palm anyone? ;) )
21:09 < adi> I guess removing the file from ardour (and possibly releasing 
             2.8.12, just to be sure) would do the trick.

So bottom line is: it's safe to remove the file, either we do it or
uptream will do. If we do it, we must not forget to remove dmalloc.cc
from libs/pbd/SConscript.

Let's give them a couple of hours to respond.


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