On 18/08/10 15:57, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 19:42:19 (CEST), Felipe Sateler wrote:
>> So, what are interesting multimedia tasks? I'm thinking:
>> * audio production: sound synthesis, audio editing, sequencing.
> Does it makes sense to have each application installed?

Maybe not all of them, but I think most people use more than one
application for audio production.

>> * multimedia playing: vlc ;)
> While I think vlc is a very decent choice, I think it depends on the
> used Desktop Environment.

I'm not quite sure about the need of a multimedia playing task... all
DEs have one or more media players.

>> * video production: ... I don't do this.
> There are some editing tools like avidemux, kdenlive, etc.
>> * home multimedia center: xmbc/mediatomb style software.
> Is that really a task? You generally want only one media center
> installed, no?

Yes. But (and I don't know about this) one would probably want a set of
software installed together in a media center, not just xmbc or mediatomb.

> But what we could do is to identify user tasks. Then, instead of
> providing metapackages or tasksel files, we list all applications in
> debian that can fulfill the purpose of that task, and give
> recommendations for the 'best' application in that task.

Well (as I have said a few times), I'm mostly interested in the nice
pages generated by the blends web sentinel. If we manage to get
reasonable tasks, the pages can serve as recommendations for that task.

> The first idea is probably implemented most easily with debtags, while
> for the second we could consider popcon data.

This is an interesting approach... but we loose the nice webpages (we
would have to recreate them).

Felipe Sateler

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