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On 18/08/10 15:57, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
But what we could do is to identify user tasks. Then, instead of providing metapackages or tasksel files, we list all applications in debian that can fulfill the purpose of that task, and give recommendations for the 'best' application in that task.

Well (as I have said a few times), I'm mostly interested in the nice pages generated by the blends web sentinel. If we manage to get reasonable tasks, the pages can serve as recommendations for that task.

The first idea is probably implemented most easily with debtags, while for the second we could consider popcon data.

This is an interesting approach... but we loose the nice webpages (we would have to recreate them).

I agree with Reinhart - and have tried selling debtags to Andreas before (but without backing it with code, so my argument was weak!).

Debtags need not be double work:

If we express "Multimedia" through facets in debtags, and tell Andreas the debtags commands to extract each of the "flavors" in our "Blend", then I am sure he will integrate debtags support for generation of those nice webpages - for the benefit of *all* Blends.

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