Le Tue 07 Sep 10 à 16:56 +0200, Fabian Greffrath a écrit :
> Am 07.09.2010 16:45, schrieb Nigel Horne:
>> Wouldn't it be less confusing if it said "Please update libasound2..."?
Well "alsa-lib" is the name upstream and the name of the source package

> Regardless of what it says, do I understand it right that vlc in squeeze 
> does not work with alsa-lib from squeeze?

rmadison alsa-lib 
  alsa-lib |   1.0.16-2 |        stable | source
  alsa-lib |   1.0.23-1 |       testing | source
  alsa-lib |   1.0.23-1 |      unstable | source

If problem there is, it is the same in Sid.


Does it happen every time ? On every media ? Do you use PulseAudio ?
If it's reproducable, can I have the logs (vlc -vvv ...)

Reading from the Changelog, this as to do with the probing of the sound
card to see how many channel it supports or rather n reprobing for a
second media. It has also to do with thread-safety so it might not be
easy to reproduce


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