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* Fabian Greffrath [100908 11:14 +0200]:
> Am 08.09.2010 10:17, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
> >I think this bug now has enough information for our alsa maintainers to
> >judge if this is something that should go into squeeze, so I'm
> >reassinging to libasound2. Please keep us informed when these patches
> >hit sid/squeeze, we probably should then adapt the error message to
> >include the version of the fixed libasound2 package and this bug number.
> The first commit touches configure.in and thus triggers autoconf,
> which is quite invasive given the outdated autoconf (2.60) the
> upstream tarball uses. Maybe "-DHAVE_USELOCALE" should just be set
> unconditionally in debian/rules, but of course I leave this decision
> to the ALSA maintainers.

Patches applied.


  >what IMHO then?
  IMHO - Inhalation of a Multi-leafed Herbal Opiate ;)
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