On 10/06/2010 05:33 PM, ales...@users.alioth.debian.org wrote:
> The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
> commit 04552b834cd82771e5b1bbf85cf5f6e43288f22f
> Author: Alessio Treglia <ales...@debian.org>
> Date:   Wed Oct 6 23:33:13 2010 +0200
>     Re-enable libasound2-dev build-dependency for hurd,kfreebsd archs.

Please, when the reason for the change is not obvious, elaborate on it
on the commit message! ALSA is linux specific, so without any further
information I would say that this change is broken. I hope there is a
reason for this.

PS: while I picked this particular message, I've seen this in lots of
them from many packages.

Felipe Sateler

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