Dear Ardour maintainers,

I am encountering the above-mentioned problem with the package in Squeeze.
I had a discussion about that with people on the official Ardour IRC channel which went like follows:

(15:58:14) m_si: when i open up ardour, i get the following error: AudioSetup value for samplerate is missing data. What could i be doing wrong? (15:59:15) m_si: i am on debian squeeze and use a Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 with JACK
(15:59:46) m_si: my ardour version is:
(16:00:06) m_si: 2.8.11
(16:01:00) las: m_si: use qjackctl to start JACK instead
(16:01:07) m_si: i am doing so
(16:01:21) las: m_si: then make sure that JACK is running before starting Ardour, because its not
(16:01:31) las: m_si: or you are running JACK as another user (root?)
(16:01:44) m_si: let me have a look at that
(16:02:59) m_si: ok, i start jack with qjackctl before running ardour. it tells me it's running. then i start Ardour: there is the error. (16:03:35) las: m_si: the error occurs because ardour believes that jack is not running and you've also got a messed up stored state for its own audio setup tab
(16:03:38) m_si: jack is not run by root
(16:04:02) las: m_si: have you ever run ardour successfully on this system?
(16:04:23) m_si: well, on debian lenny, it worked just fine
(16:04:34) m_si: now this is squeeze. so, actually: no
(16:04:35) las: m_si: i said on *this* system
(16:04:52) las: m_si: its entirely possible that this is another packager error
(16:05:05) m_si: should i try building ardour from source?
(16:05:15) m_si: i think that was what i also did on lenny
(16:05:16) las: m_si: actually, i recall that this is a known problem in debian
(16:05:23) m_si: ok
(16:05:37) m_si: i did some searching, but did not really get info
(16:05:43) las: m_si: this is why will soon have its own distro-neutral packages of ardour
(16:05:52) las: m_si: sick and tired of this nonsense
(16:06:02) dx9s_work: m_si, building ardour from source might not solve the issue, it could be JACK
(16:06:05) m_si: what nonsense?
(16:06:09) m_si: ok
(16:06:20) las: m_si: packagers doing the wrong thing, and then you "blame" us
(16:06:32) m_si: i think i didn't blame anyone
(16:07:12) m_si: ok, what would be the issue with jack?
(16:07:30) m_si: i mean, if the error is in the debian package of ardour...
(16:07:46) las: m_si: that's why i put "blame" in quotes. what i meant was that you come to us looking for answers :) (16:07:49) dx9s_work: m_si, dunno... tinker with jack version, see if something like jack_rack works with it (aka independent jack aware program working with jackd)
(16:08:04) m_si: ok
(16:08:05) las: m_si: make sure jack is running, and then try running jack_lsp from a terminal window
(16:08:12) m_si: ok
(16:08:21) las: m_si: you don't need jackrack or anything "real"
(16:08:44) las: m_si: also, please paste the output of both these commands:
(16:08:51) dx9s_work: las, the concept was correct.. just not well said from me :P
(16:08:55) m_si: jack_lsp says: system_capture/playback_1/2
(16:09:05) las: jackd --version
(16:09:09) las: jackd -l
(16:09:27) m_si: jackdmp 1.9.6
(16:09:31) m_si: and
(16:11:01) m_si: is -l a valid jackd option?
(16:11:15) las: m_si: it is supposed to be
(16:11:15) m_si: this is a small "ell", right?
(16:11:19) las: m_si: yes
(16:11:34) las: m_si: it could be that stephane still did not add this to jack2
(16:11:48) las: m_si: can i see the *full* output of jackd --version ?
(16:11:55) las: m_si: there should be more than you posted
(16:11:59) m_si: i get "unknown option character l" on -l
(16:12:02) m_si: ok
(16:13:24) m_si:
(16:13:35) m_si: full output of jackd --version
(16:14:26) dx9s_work: las, fwiw, tested -l on jack2 on Ubuntu.. it's not an option and Ubuntu pulls src from debian .. (16:15:07) dx9s_work: (Ubuntu 10.10 .. jackdmp 1.9.6 tmpdir /dev/shm and protocol 8 ) (16:15:51) dx9s_work: (but I have ardour 2.8.11 working from repository find on that machien)
(16:17:07) m_si: well, when will ardour have those generic packages available?
(16:17:19) las: m_si: no time soon
(16:17:26) las: m_si: i think this is a packaging error
(16:17:39) m_si: ok, so i might contact the package maintainer.
(16:21:39) m_si: i'll post to the ardour maintainer's list and copy that conversation into the email
(16:23:17) las: m_si: you mean the ardour packager's list?
(16:23:25) las: m_si: if you mean ardour-dev, not much point
(16:25:32) m_si: yes, i mean debian package maintainers for ardour

Ok, so maybe this can be fixed by someone, if it really is a packaging error.

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