thank you for your detailed investigation.

Am 06.12.2010 17:00, schrieb Sergio:
Anyway, it is not suitable place to discuss the so wide problem.
Bug with size may be renamed to feature, but warning somewhere in
manpage or stderr output is desireable of course.

I think the same. Let's summarize and agree that this bug report request two features:

- Add the ability to export raw, headerless WAV data
- Check the output stream for possible errors

And by the way one more minor-minor-minor problem:
ser...@bagira:~/wrk/dcadec/libdca-0.0.5$ LC_ALL=en  iconv -t UTF32LE
AUTHORS > /dev/null
iconv: illegal input sequence at position 899

Well, I wouldn't even consider this worth a patch. ;)

Thanks again!

 - Fabian

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