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the problem is:
- - we strip some directories to get dfsg-clean code
- - we patch autotools to reflect these changes
- - when doing "clean", the quilt-patches are not applied, thus autotools do not know about the missing directories, thus "make distclean" fails

I believe you are wrong about the last part.

I believe unpatching is done _after_ cleaning.

hmm, well i guess this all depends.
"clean" is probably called several times in the build process.
- - it is called implicitely when doing a full build just before anything
(this is probably what you are talking about)
- - it can be called explicitely after a build (e.g. by providing "-tc" as
dpkb-buildpackage flag, or by just running "debian/rules clean") (this
is what i am talking about).

according to
http://build-common.alioth.debian.org/cdbs-doc.html#fig:buildcore the
"clean" target will simply be called without further ado.

Build tools work on top of the packaging source.

Patching historically was applied op top too, but with dpkg-source is done "below" from the POV of build tools.

This caused us problems with our preferred way of working with our VCS, so we chose to set a flag requesting dpkg-source to unapply patches as a final step.

So all in all, we chose ourselves the smallest of evils: If our "clean" target is affected by patches, then we need to manually re-apply them before an explicit "clean". In all other situations it Just Works(tm).

in any case, i don't see anything bad in removing a handful of files in
order to get a completely clean source tree in _any_ case.

Ok.  I'll rest my case.

But beware that only removals are possible to handle like that. More complex cleanup is involved, like renaming files put aside during build, it may still fail if invoking "clean" explicitly without first re-applying patches.

The official correct routine for our packaging style is to manually re-apply patches before explicitly cleaning. due to our choice of enabling unapply-patches in local-options. So remember to mention that if anyone consider filing a bugreport against CDBS or debhelper ;-)

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