Le Mon 28 Feb 11 à 19:10 +0200, Nepochatov Stanislav a écrit :
> I've noticed broken dependencies in libva1 package. By unknown reason last 
> update of libva1 remove VLC. Now I can't install VLC and recive an error 
> concerning vlc-nox package and others:

Yes. That's an unwelcomed side effect of libva1 transitioning to testing
before vlc/1.1.7-2 . VLC is hold up by the quite tricky ffmpeg

I don't know of any solution to fix it properly. For a personal fix you
can install the libva1 of squeeze and then 'pin' it in your
/etc/apt/preferences to make sure that apt-get/aptitude/synaptic/...
don't try to upgrade it.

We think it's a bug of britney, the script which handle the
unstable->testing transition. But I haven't yet check the opened bug on
britney, so I haven't opened a bug yet.



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