Hi Olivier,

On 11-04-29 at 11:58am, Olivier Aubert wrote:
> Does anyone have an advice on how to find a DD to collaborate with, in 
> order to get a package uploaded? I do not want to harass people, so 
> maybe there are other means than this mailing-list that I should be 
> aware of?

Sorry for the long wait.

I am interested in this, but have little time (I am involved a lot of 
places) so hope that you yourself intend to be active in the 
maintainance.  Feel fee to poke me (i.e. send reminder emails here on 
the list shouting my name) when you feel new input from me or a package 
upload is needed.

Here are some comments on your packaging:

The two custom Python packaging helpers python-central and 
python-support is deprecated.  Drop that line from debian/rules and 
adjust the control file to use hints suitable for the new python install 
helper shipped with python itself on Debian.

I notice there are binary gettext *.mo files shipped with the upstream 
source.  It seems that they are only (re)generated from the source files 
when the Makefile is invoked, and I suspect that won't happen as part of 
the distutils routines.  Please ensure that Debian binary packages do 
not use binary blobs shipped from upstream, but compile fresh binary 
chunks instead.

Please enable the CDBS utils.mk rule, enable copyright-check and hinted 
initially when then compiling, and ensure that debian/copyright 
appropriately contains all(!) copyright and licensing info of the source 
tarball.  E.g. mac/Cillop seems to be from a different project but is 
not listed with copyright holders or licensing in the copyright file. 
Apparently upstream has a pending item related to this in doc/TODO.

Please consider using newest draft of DEP-5.

Instead of debian/docs I suggest to use CDBS variables in debian/rules, 
with a wildcard for doc/* and properly listing CHANGES.txt as upstream 
changelog file.

 - Jonas

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