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On 11-05-26 at 09:28am, Olivier Aubert wrote:
> I did not get any answer to my previous e-mail (below),

Sorry - It missed that earlier mail somehow :-(

> so I will
> summarize the questions:
> - does anyone know actual packages that use CDBS + "the new python 
> install helper shipped with python itself on Debian"? I am willing to 
> fix this in my package and submit patches to documentation, to improve 
> the state of things.

Any CDBS Python package should be able to use the new install helper by 
simply removing its top DEB_PYTHON_SYSTEM line.  I am only hesitant to 
do it because it complicates backportability, and I suspect the message 
from the Python developers on need to switch fast is not unanimous and 
not well considered.

A few ones I am involved in that have switched already are...

  sleekxmpp (python-distutils)
  radicale (python-distutils)
  python-xklavier (python-autotools)
  lash (python-autotools)

> - once this issue is fixed, is there a DD (Jonas?) that would be 
> willing to collaborate with me? I am ready to handle all maintenance 
> of the package, but I cannot upload it.

Sure.  You just might have to poke me (several times) to get my 
attention, as I am involved in a lot (and have a lousy way of 
administrating my involvements).

 - Jonas

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