On 11-06-20 at 05:56pm, Olivier Aubert wrote:
> With the help of Jonas, I have addressed all comments about the 
> packaging of the Advene application. Is there anything more that 
> should be done to have it uploaded? I am ready to handle all 
> maintenance of the package, but I cannot upload it.

The purpose of debian/changelog is to track releases targeted Debian.  
Please avoid creating multiple sections not reflecting actual releases.

This construct is inelegant:

       cd po; make update-po

Better to a) use && to properly catch errors, and b) use $(MAKE) as 
documented in the documentation of the make language (see 'info make').

So this is better:

       cd po && $(MAKE) update-po

...and related to that (not tested): Make sure that clean rules properly 
cleanup those generated .mo files.

debian/copyright is improperly encoded as DEP-5 format: License filed do 
not allow comma-separation. Multi-line sections must use dot as vertical 
space. Public Domain cannot also be copyrighted. Possible more errors.  
Please carefully read DEP-5 and check that file thoroughly - it is 
arguably the most important file in the packaging!

Is LGPL-3 compatible with GPL-2?  If noone on this list know 
confidently, then please ask at the debian-legal@ mailinglist.

A license PSF is listed, but actual licensing text is missing.

Also, I recommend to move licenses to separate License sections and 
place all those at the bottom of the file, for improved readability.

I notice the package contains SVG files.  It might be beneficial to use 
scour (in Debian package python-scour) to compact them.


 - Jonas

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