On Mon, 2011-06-06 at 12:10 +0200, Adrian Knoth wrote:
> On 06/06/2011 12:00 PM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> >> I wish to use a HDSPe AIO on Debian, hence I need ALSA 1.0.24. Any
> >> hints?
> You need Linux 2.6.39 to get the kernel module. It's available in Debian
> unstable. Forget about everything else (alsa-drivers, alsa-lib or
> whatsoever)
> > traditionally, alsa-tools are packaged from a different source-package
> > (named... "alsa-tools")
> > PS: and yes, i want 1.0.24 (and the madi-enabled hdspmixer!) as well
> You really want alsa-tools Only problem is: it's not released,
> yet.
>    http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa-tools.git;a=summary
> Checkout the git version and compile (only) the hdspmixer subdirectory.
> If you like, talk to the ALSA maintainers to package a git snapshot.


Upper right corner >

But the problem seems to be, that it's a git version. Anyway, trying to
build all apps by once failed, but building every songle app one after
the other seems to work. I'll do it later.

I avoided building 2.6.39 for two reasons:
- the current patch-rt gives me all I need, especially in combination
with Jack2 from svn I got rid of hw midi jitter (0.0xms jitter, not
1.xms or what else should be inaudible, but is audible) Perhaps 2.6.39
is able to fit to my needs too, anyway, the current set up is proved to
work for my Ubuntu Maverick install.
- 2.6.29 might not work with the version of X that I might need for my
GeForce 7200 + Liftec monitor, to get 1152x864@90Hz. In the future I
need to switch to a display, but I'll keep the monitor as long as
possible. It's a pity that Linux drops old faithful equipment. We've got
enough trash on our planet and on orbit. Why not using gear that still

Anyway, I wish to build ALSA tools for the current kernel and I'll build
2.6.39 too, it's important to get ALSA 1.0.24 completely.

OT: Does the HDSPe AIO currently work with 1024 only or is it possible
to decrease the frames/period? Latency isn't an issue for me, as long as
the sound quality should be good. I never heard the card I own since a
week :D and I'm in a hurry, because here are only 30 days (- one week)
to return the card if needed.



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