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Just ITPed, packaged and uploaded pd-hid to git.debian.org. It
is an
object for Pure Data that allows you to use USB HID devices in
build system is similar in structure to pd-plugin and
it includes the kFreeBSD and Hurd updates, so it should build on
platforms. It depends on pd-mapping and recommends pd- pddp,
both in NEW.


There is some code that is not yours, please add Jan Truetzschler Falkenstein to the debian/copyright file (ftpmaster may reject
package for this missing information).

Thanks for spotting that, I pushed the fix.

Ping.  Anyone willing to sponsor this one?

Sorry, I lost track of this. I will try to get to this (and your
packages) during the weekend.

I clearly didn't do this when promised, and this week I couldn't either. I've been extremely busy. I'm sorry about that. If someone else can look into these packages, please upload them, since I'm not
likely to get any debian time anytime soon.

I will, if nobody else gets to these packages, still review them as
time permits.

It seems that this package never got uploaded. It needs its git-dch done and the changelog finalized and then uploaded. I can finalize the changelog if that makes it easier. It seems some people want to do it
themselves when uploading.

I believe this package needs to be fixed for puredata >= 0.43

As far as I can tell it has already.  For me, it builds on
Debian/testing using puredata-dev and no puredata, and squeeze using
puredata 0.42.6.

Indeed, it seems to work.

I have a licensing question though. The package is distributed as
GPLv3+. However, Supercollider (where some code was borrowed) is
GPLv2+. I think debian/copyright should document that fact. Code from
2004 cannot possibly be under GPLv3+ unless relicensed.

The GPLv2+ license has that built into it. In the context of this project,
the code from SuperCollider is so intermingled, there is no easily
recognizable chunk that could be labeled GPLv2+. Since the project is
GPLv3+, I think it would be misleading to try to say that a file is
available under GPLv2+. If people want the GPLv2+ file, they should go to
the original SuperCollider source.

Here's the text from the GPL:

"Each version is given a distinguishing version number. If the Program specifies that a certain numbered version of the GNU General Public License "or any later version" applies to it, you have the option of following the terms and conditions either of that numbered version or of any later version
published by the Free Software Foundation. "

Indeed, I'm not questioning that. My point is that the objective of
debian/copyright is documenting, not relicensing, even if it is

From what I've seen, debian/copyright is not finer grained than files. The GPLv2+ code is mixed into two different files that are mostly GPLv3+. So if looking on a per-file basis, all of the files are GPLv3+.



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