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Paul Novotny writes:

> Hello, 
> I am beginning to switch from OpenSceneGraph 3.0 to the development
> releases 3.1.X for my work. I was wondering if there are any plans to
> create an OSG version for debian experimental? 

Indeed, my intention is to package it for testing.  Version 3.1.8 have
just been announced to be released in one or two days, so it is an
excellent moment to do it.

> Has someone started this already?

I have been preparing some changes for the 3.1.x series as you saw in
the git repository.  From the top of my head, some things still have to
be done:

* Acknowledge the recent NMU to the package for using a new version of

* Remove the static library version, in order to have a more manageable
  debian/rules file and cut down the build times.

> I have some experience helping package the insighttoolkit for debian,
> so I would be willing to move this forward. I noticed there is a
> dev/3.1.0-svn branch on alioth, is this a good place to start?

I will upload the changes still pending in my hard drive and then you
can think if you want to chime in.



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