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  replaces  v0.3
 tagged by  Vladimir Agafonkin
        on  Mon Jul 30 12:31:22 2012 +0300

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Version 0.4

Aaron King (5):
      Add getContainer() method to L.Map as per the documentation.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Add getLatLng() and getRadius() methods to L.Circle.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Allow L.Mixin.Events.addEventListener() to accept a map in which the 
string keys represent one or more space-separated event types and the values 
represent a handler function to be called for the event(s).

Andrew Beaven (1):
      Fixes popups in IE8 and earlier

Bryan McBride (1):
      Support ability to add a tile layer below all others for TileLayer.WMS

CKeen (1):
      add start & end events for Map.BoxZoom

Charlie Moad (1):
      use abs val distance

Charlie Savage (3):
      this.edit is not always set for polygons - this happens to us for example 
when loading from geojson.  This patch makes sure that this.editing is set 
before checking whether editing is enabled.
      The load event for a tile layer is only fired after all tiles are loaded. 
 However, the previous code only took into account successful tile loads.  It 
is legitimate for a tile load to cause an error - you might be zoomed out on a 
map and are pulling a non-existent tile (especially on indoors maps).  This 
patch takes into account both successful and unsuccessful tile loads.
      When a tileLayer is added or removed form a map, the _tileLayersNum 
property is appropriately updated but the _tileLayersToLoad is not.  It is not 
updated until resetView, but that is called after  the method _onTileLayerLoad 
is called.  Thus, if you add one tile layer the _tileLayersToLoad is zero and 
when _onTileLayerLoad is called the values is decremented to -1.

Damon Oehlman (1):
      Tweaked DOM util opacity to only apply in IE when opacity !== 1

Dino Ravnić (5):
      all paths need to return "this"
      - dragend should fire in _onDragEnd no matter if inertia is on or off
      "instanceof window.Event" didn't worked on Chrome, so replaced it with a 
more general variant
      forgot a semicolon
      code reformating to make it compliant with jake

Eric Martinez (6):
      Reversed up/down arrow pan direction. Some noted the inverted style is 
not expected.
      Support for map.options.keyboardPanOffset and 
map.options.keyboardZoomOffset. Use these to configure how far the keyboard 
controls will pan/zoom the map (respectively).
      Created a focus handler for the map. Converted keyboard handler to make 
use of new focus events.
      Merge remote branch 'upstream/master'
      Removed legacy code that caused console errors.
      Cleaned up use of defaults.

Finn Herpich (2):
      Added contextmenu to Path.SVG Events
      forget to prevent the default context menu action

Geremia Taglialatela (1):
      ie6 filter clearing fix

Graeme West (2):
      Fixing indentation so that Leaflet compiles.
      Converting spaces to tabs for consistency.

Jan Pieter Waagmeester (7):
      Fix regexp in DomUtil.removeClass to correctly remove spaces, use 
addClass in stead of manual class manimulation in Map.ZoomAnimation
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Fixed error after running spec: only remove spaces at head and tail now
      Use L.DomUtil.addClass to add classes instead of direct attribute 
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Replace manual style.opacity manimulations by L.DomUtil.setOpacity in 
      Merge branch 'master' of git://

Jason Sanford (12):
      Adding "equals" method to LatLngBounds using the preferred LatLng.equals 
method. Much cleaner.
      Adding L.Rectangle. Just ready to test in debug, still needs added to 
build scripts, documentation to be comlete. Addresses #494.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Moved rectangle debug page to vector directory
      Adding setBounds method to Rectangle layer.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      DRYing things up a bit with Rectangle.js
      Fixing typo in Rectanlge.js description. Adding Rectangle.js to 
      LatLngBounds.extend(otherLatLngBounds) seems to be working. Addresses 
      Adding getBounds method to FeatureGroup.

Johannes (3):
      Fix bug in bind causing loss of arguments
      Add basic geolocation debug page
      Clean up commented lines

Juergen Treml (1):
      Provide the hooks needed for writing plugins / extensions to scale control

Kyle Johnson (1):
      Added support to set the position of the zoom control

Lars Knickrehm (2):
      Fixed basic XHTML problems.
      This reverts to commit bd1510cec485ae3dc9b215ca6ea4ef6cf4d65fbf.

Matt Currie (1):
      Add zIndex support to L.TileLayer

Mattias Bengtsson (1):
      Make Leaflet build again.

Mehmet Alkanlar (5):
      Added contentupdated event to popup
      Fixed bugs on polyline editing regarding edge cases
      Renamed the event according to conventiions
      Bugfix: Proper cleanup of marker editing handler when it is disabled.
      Moving it inside the if clause makes more sense.

Michael Aufreiter (1):

Mithgol the Webmaster (6):
      detecting retina displays, adjusting tileSize
      correction: window.devicePixelRatio > 1 becomes false even if 
devicePixelRatio is undefined
      detectRetina is optional (false by default) to prevent map features (like 
city titles) from being too small to read on retinal tiles
      adjust zoom levels as well (otherwise markers seem mispositioned)
      includes fixes provided by Max Ogden
      fix CloudMade/Leaflet#789

Norbert Renner (2):
      Fix empty popup on Internet Explorer

Paolo e Stefano Mainardi (2):
      Add coordinates to featureparse event.
      Keep geometry object on "featureparse" event.

Pavel Shramov (3):
      polyline: Remove deleted marker from internal list
      polyline: Fix old position of middle point
      polyline: Don't reinitialize MarkerGroup

Peter Gassner (1):
      Fix feature detection for IE9 when drawing SVG paths

Reed (1):
      fixed _checkIfEmpty in Circle.js with check for _map property

Rob Brackett (1):
      Add support for maps with position: fixed

Stefan Sydow (2):
      fix NaN bug in scale control
      fix spurios mousemove event for Chrome on Win

Tom Nightingale (1):
      fix IE8 error with calling call() on window.clearTimeout()

Vladimir Agafonkin (180):
      Merge pull request #478 from bmcbride/master
      Removed global switch for installing jshint and uglify-js
      Merge pull request #480 from foodtruckfiesta/master
      Merge pull request #484 from JasonSanford/master
      Merge pull request #492 from jacobtoye/PadBounds
      Merge pull request #500 from ErrorProne/master
      Merge pull request #501 from ErrorProne/master
      Update changelog once again
      Merge pull request #504 from JasonSanford/master
      clean up zoom control code
      more zoom control cleanup
      Merge pull request #521 from k4/master
      Merge pull request #524 from giscloud/return.this.fix
      Merge pull request #523 from thatjpk/fire_edit_on_drag_vertex
      Merge pull request #530 from JasonSanford/master
      Merge pull request #538 from giscloud/inertia.few.fixes
      Merge pull request #549 from mehmeta/polyedit
      Merge pull request #552 from mehmeta/polyedit
      Merge pull request #548 from mehmeta/contentupdated
      Merge pull request #554 from zedd45/boxzoom
      Merge pull request #553 from JasonSanford/bounds-extend
      Merge pull request #562 from mattiasbengtsson/master
      Merge pull request #557 from JasonSanford/feature-group-bounds
      Merge pull request #588 from johtso/patch-1
      Merge pull request #589 from johtso/patch-2
      Merge pull request #600 from DamonOehlman/filter-tweak
      Merge pull request #617 from 
      Merge pull request #621 from djomp/patch-1
      Merge pull request #633 from michael/patch-1
      Merge pull request #602 from chx007/patch-1
      Merge pull request #653 from giscloud/reformating.fix
      Merge pull request #654 from 
      Merge pull request #655 from Guiswa/master
      Merge pull request #657 from ericmmartinez/master
      Merge pull request #667 from tagliala/ie6-filter-fix
      Merge pull request #669 from cfis/editingFix
      Merge pull request #671 from naehrstoff/patch-1
      Merge pull request #586 from Mithgol/master
      Merge pull request #678 from SpotSpecific/master
      Fix error with removing GeoJSON, closes #685
      Merge pull request #683 from cfis/tileLayersToLoad
      Merge pull request #682 from cfis/tilesLoaded
      Merge pull request #700 from shramov/polyline-edit-fix
      update build
      Merge pull request #729 from danzel/master
      Merge pull request #716 from twinbit/master
      Merge pull request #701 from shramov/polyline-edit-fix
      Merge pull request #638 from jacobtoye/PreventDefault
      Merge pull request #739 from Mr0grog/position-fixed
      Merge pull request #744 from danzel/animate-zoom-rename
      Merge pull request #751 from danzel/ie10
      Merge pull request #750 from danzel/fix-unit-tests
      Merge pull request #742 from shintonik/tilelayer-load-event-fix
      update build, cleanup
      ensure drag is not fired after dragend, closed #555
      L.Browser and translate refactor and cleanup
      fix typo in browser
      removed translate3d(0,0,0) hack (seems unnecessary now)
      Merge pull request #756 from danzel/master
      Merge pull request #757 from stsydow/for_mourner
      Merge pull request #758 from danzel/imageoverlay-zoom-support
      tidy up leaflet CSS
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      fixed path setStyle in IE6-8, closed #641, updated build and changelog
      cleanup changelog
      Merge pull request #764 from IMAmuseum/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #774 from danzel/android4
      Merge pull request #775 from danzel/fix-events
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      update build and changelog
      initial API simplification
      Merge pull request #777 from fr1n63/master
      update build
      Merge pull request #779 from danzel/divicon-innerhtml
      Merge pull request #759 from danzel/zoom-marker-hack-fix
      spec cleanup
      more work on simplified api
      Merge branch 'master' of
      merge simplify-api
      update changelog about API simplification
      add addTo method to ImageOverlay, GeoJSON, LayerGroup, Popup
      changelog cleanup
      Merge pull request #784 from jieter/master
      Merge pull request #786 from jieter/master
      update changelog
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update build
      update changelog
      Improved GeoJSON API, closed #315, closed #715
      update changelog
      fix icon default paths, update changelog
      add bgPos to DivIcon for spriting, closes #743
      fix whitespace
      Added WMS setParams, TileLayer redraw, setUrl, closed #719
      changelog cleanup
      add subdomains to WMS, closes #735
      Merge pull request #792 from jieter/master
      Merge pull request #795 from danzel/master
      update build
      Merge pull request #796 from danzel/master
      Merge pull request #798 from danzel/featuregroup-addlayer
      Merge pull request #797 from danzel/master
      Use feature detection instead of browser sniffing for opacity, #796
      cleanup Jakefile
      fix popupAnchor array form
      support arrays in geojson addData
      factories for controls and multipolys
      add Popup openOn(map)
      add Map mouseup event
      optimize map resizing
      remove accidental console.log
      update build
      improve popup close button, get rid of the image, closes #631
      improve panning inertia, fix animation easings on IE
      fix polyline error when it's removed on moveend
      scale control fixes, closes #674
      update build
      fix contextmenu event on path layers
      Merge pull request #801 from lars-sh/master
      update build
      improve close button styling
      only set popup opacity if fadeAnimation is true
      Merge pull request #802 from Mithgol/master
      Merge pull request #807 from jacobtoye/FixMapEvent
      Merge pull request #805 from danzel/master
      Merge branch 'master' of
      optimize canvas layers update, closes #732, closes #785
      update build and changelog
      fix popup so that tip shadow is not cut off
      update changelog
      Use transform3d tile positioning on iOS too, closes #800
      update build
      Fix vector layer flicker on iOS, closes #18 (yay!)
      revert debug vector file temporary stuff
      Merge pull request #808 from danzel/safari-fixes
      Merge pull request #809 from danzel/safari-fixes
      Merge pull request #810 from danzel/shadow-opacity
      fix whitespace
      move L.Icon.Default to separate file, fix popup anchor
      add sublime files to gitignore
      update build
      slightly increase scroll-wheel-zoom responsiveness
      Merge pull request #813 from danzel/master
      Merge pull request #816 from jacobtoye/FeatureGroupMouseEvents
      Merge pull request #821 from jacobtoye/StrokeDashArray
      update build
      make zoom animation cancel the resize moveend trigger
      normalize dashArray in IE, update changelog
      Merge pull request #827 from ajbeaven/IePopupFix
      cleanup setOpacity for IE
      improve pinch-zoom performance on mobile Chrome and Firefox
      Fix jittery marker movement on pinch-zoom (removed position rounding)
      TileLayer refactoring, add loading event, update changelog, closes #177
      removed scale dependency for copyWorldJump
      fix lint error and update build
      fix TileLayer.redraw and multiple layers issue, closes #814
      add ImageOverlay bringToBack/Front, update build, closes #824
      fix no geolocation error handling
      fix layers control factory and update build
      renamed LayerGroup _iterateLayers to eachLayer
      update build
      fix VML remove/add losing styles issue, closes #830
      revert debug file
      try to fix #335 according to danzel's comment
      Merge pull request #832 from danzel/zoom-fixes
      Merge pull request #836 from danzel/corner-div-fix
      Merge pull request #835 from danzel/zoom-fixes
      more TileLayer and Control.Layers zIndex improvements, #309
      update build
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update changelog and build
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      keyboard navigation cleanup, closes #646 #663
      Merge pull request #840 from thegreat/ie_error_cleartimeout
      Merge pull request #847 from jtreml/custom_unit_in_scale_control_hooks
      fix canvas backend and holed polygons regression
      update build with regression fixes

chx007 (1):
      getViewportOffset -> position:fiexd

danzel (76):
      When zooming, if the current foreground layer doesn't have many tiles and 
the current background layer does, keep the current background layer rather 
than swapping in the current foreground. Makes continuous zooming look more 
awesome, rather than going blank after 2 quick zooms. (Has a big of debug 
output to be cleaned up later)
      Fix moving your mouse and zooming again before the fg layer has loaded. 
Previously the bg would get moved to the wrong location, now it moves to the 
correct location
      Tidy up comments and remove console output
      Performing a touch-zoom needs the transform the other way around, let it 
have its way...
      Disable the continuous zoom animation on android as it doesn't work due 
to Androids issue with double translate.
      Start on making markers animate when zooming rather than disappearing and 
reappearing. Currently implemented as a hack in Map.ZoomAnimation.
      Add gecko3d support to Browser/DomUtil
      Make Map.ZoomAnimation hack browser independant, works on firefox too :)
      Position Popup using L.DomUtil.setPosition for Hardware Accel.
      Only apply Path.SVG mobile Webkit hack for mobileWebkit
      Animate popup boxes when zooming
      Animate SVG layers when zooming
      Fix up SVG zooming with firefox
      Do major tidy ups on the SVG zoom animation, pretty certain that this is 
tidy now.
      Code tidy up/compaction
      Only do SVG zoomstart handling if we support 3d transforms
      Move more zoom animation bits out to css
      Fix up Map.js zoomstart event
      Remove remaining hacks from Map.ZoomAnimation and implement them properly 
(using events) in Marker and Popup.
      Working towards making this work on touch browsers. Doesn't quite work 
yet but getting there.
      Don't animate movement when zooming by touch. Still doesn't work right 
for touch.
      Fix merge issue
      Fix up TouchZoom free-zoom. 'zoomstart' event is abused a bit now, might 
need to fix that.
      Add L.Browser.opera3d, L.Browser.any3d and use it everywhere instead of 
testing each browsers 3d everywhere. Gives opera 3d support!
      Make BackfaceVisibility generic.
      Path.SVG needs to keep track of when a zoom is going on and not redraw 
while it is happening or the animation will get messed up
      Add zooming animation support to Path.Canvas layers also.
      Fix up TouchZoom SVG zoom handling AGAIN. This works, but if you do some 
weird movements (two finger scroll on iPad) it makes the animation get weird.
      rename _zooming inside Path to _pathZooming so it has a different name to 
_zooming in Map.TouchZoom. Minor other tidy ups.
      Add a test page that emulates a buggy touch zoom on desktop browsers to 
allow debugging of transforms :)
      Add another hack test and move the buttons around the right
      Update hacky test so 1 does a full animation and 2 does just a single 
step of it for easier testing.
      Correct the translate+scale code in Path.SVG so that it works correctly 
for transitions. THIS FIXES TOUCHZOOM WOO!!!
      Re-Add TouchZoom firing the zoomstart event
      Add an option to the map: animateMarkerZoom (default true). Set to false 
and markers will disappear instead of animating when the zoom animation plays.
      Use generic transform rather than webkit, should make this work on a win8 
touch tablet, now I just need someone to give me one to test on :-)
      Only do Marker/Path zoom animation if options.zoomAnimation is on (Aka we 
are doing the zoom animation), be pointless otherwise ;)
      Change animateMarkerZoom to use a class/style rather than setting 
visibility directly.
      Use a generic class (leaflet-zoom-animated) instead of explicitly stating 
in the CSS what things are zoom animated.
      Fix canvas zooming
      Rename animateMarkerZoom to markerZoomAnimation to match other animation 
      Remove unused variable. Don't set leaflet-tile-loaded multiple times when 
reuseTiles:true, don't fire tileload for blank images
      Position tiles without 3d transforms, this makes them faster (google maps 
does the same). The transforms for them (pan, zoom animation etc) happen on a 
parent node, this is unaffected.
      When reuseTiles is enabled, don't remove and re-add tiles from the DOM, 
just mark them as off screen and reposition them as required. This performs 
slightly better.
      Fix up the unit tests. Polyline.closestLayerPoint and noConflict were 
      Minor fixups for IE 10 support (Tested with Release Preview in a 
VirtualBox VM). Not sure if multi-touch support will work as I don't have a 
      Ensure translate3d is used in all webkit3d browsers and note why.
      Comment on why a work around is there
      Comment on bottom positioning popups
      Working on ImageOverlay zoom animation. This works but the image wobbles 
when it zooms some times. Will have another go with scale...
      ImageOverlay zooming support done proper! :)
      Remove the CSS hacks from the first go.
      By default only enable markerZoomAnimation if the browser supports 
transition and 3d. Allows Browser.any3d=false hack to work again
      If 3d is disabled, hide everything during a zoom. You can set 
window.L_DISABLE_3D = true to force 3d off.
      Need to do the shadow too
      Make the android hacks only happen for android 2 and 3. On 4 (and 
hopefully future version) actually seem to do everything correct (Tested in 
chrome and the native browser)
      Make FeatureGroup de-init events when removing a layer
      Line up FeatureGroup change with master
      Fix up with the multi method, was removing all listeners as 
context is null and fn should be used instead (see .on code)
      Add an option to DivIcon to allow setting the innerHTML
      Rename options.innerHTML to options.html
      Set the animation classes for marker in _initIcon rather than onAdd so 
that setIcon doesn't remove them
      Need to check that createShadow actually created a shadow before adding 
the classes. Simplify the code too.
      Fix up opacity in IE10, use style.opacity in IE9 also
      JSHint happiness.
      FeatureGroup now checks if the given layer has already been added in 
addLayer before adding it
      Position tiles with transform for safari to get around animation errors.
      Take another go at safari tile layer fix hack. Add a test case for it so 
we don't forget about it.
      Turns out the android browser has this issue too.
      Make Marker.setOpacity set the opacity of the shadow also. Otherwise your 
shadow can end up more visible than your marker: setOpacity(0)
      Remove opacity parameter from _updateOpacity, unused.
      Re-Fix android tile unloading crash #137
      Make zooming straight in at the bottom level do nothing rather than 
moving half a pixel across with odd sized windows (which makes the whole screen 
look blurry in chrome). We need floor rather than round otherwise we move 1px 
in each direction.
      Stop double click on the zoom buttons moving the map. Fixes #818
      Fix up zoom fixes on Touch, fake doubleTap handler wasn't returning 
itself, breaking the chaining. Remove the preventDefault on dblclick as it does 
      Set pointer-events on the corner overlays so they can be clicked through 
(Thanks @ajbeaven @jacobtoye for showing me this). Fixes #575

djomp (1):
      Fix for passing jake jshint

emartinez (6):
      Patch so setPosition works properly on Control.
      Created keyboard handler for map panning/zooming.
      Corrected click handler for click-out events properly.
      Updated keyboard handler to be more flexible/extensible. Calls to 
map.keyboard.setZoomOffset and map.keyboard.setPanOffset can change the 
behavior of this handler.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'origin'

fr1n63 (7):
      First attempts at resolving the zoom bug - changes since v0.3 have 
rendered this fix useless - try again later
      Seems to work, removed a lot of the over engineering, seems new version 
is more stable and deals with this fix better than the previous version did.
      Removing the console log from Map.js, added mobileWebkit browser check to 
Transition.Native.js bug fix, reverted build files to mourners last revision
      Trying to remove the built files
      Code conventions adherence
      Code conventions adherence
      Code conventions adherence

jacobtoye (7):
      Added method to pad a LatLngBounds by a %.
      Prevent the default action and stop propagation when the layers control 
is expanded.
      change second mousedown to be mouseup
      Revert "change second mousedown to be mouseup"
      change second map mousedown to be mouseup
      Added missing mouse events to FeatureGroup.
      Added support for dashed strokes.

jpk (4):
      Fire 'edit' event while dragging editable polygon/line marker.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
      Makes polygon/line edits fire('edit') only on dragend.
      Fixes click (without drag) on middle marker to fire 'edit'.

k4 (5):
      add ctrlKey to mouse event
      add ctrlKey to mouse event
      save original event in MouseEvent.
      save original event in MouseEvent.
      save original event in MouseEvent.

mourner (156):
      Update changelog and build
      Reworked controls to be more flexible (inspired by #480)
      removed unneeded control constants
      Fixed Leaflet include query string bug
      fix typo in changelog
      fixed black tile flickering on iOS and query string bug
      update changelog
      fix black tile flickering bug, update changelog, build
      update changelog formatting
      updated changelog
      webkit memory issue hack for webkit
      Fixed non-removable attributions regression #488
      Merged #488 fix from stable, closed #488, allowed smart tabs
      cleaning up and formatting code
      more cleanup and refactoring
      another batch of cleanup and refactoring
      update build
      interpolate URL values from options (instead of urlParams 3rd argument)
      Added Circle#getBounds, closed #440
      Fixed click event after disabled dragging bug, closed #434
      Made Path redraw method public and chainable
      Fix flickering cursor on marker dragging
      Refactored Icon to use options instead of properties
      Added DivIcon for lightweight div-based markers, and editable poly example
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Clean up LatLngBounds#pad, update changelog
      Initial polyline/polygon editing implementation, #174
      More polyline/polygon editing (middle markers), #174
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      update changelog
      Add Polyline edit event
      Polyline editing fixes, better debug page
      Fixed setStyle stroke/fill update bug, closed #441
      update hintrc
      made zoom animation slightly faster
      made panning animation slightly faster
      Added Map addHandler method
      Added Popup maxHeight option, updated default popup styles
      update changelog
      Bringed back the mouseEventToLatLng method, closed #515
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Note about mouseEventToLatLng in the changelog, #515
      More Icon-related improvements
      Improved panning usability on marker-crowded maps, closed #506
      Fixed manual popup closing bug, closed #423
      Fixed false clicks on touch devices bugs, closed #485
      Made Marker openPopup fail silently, closed #507
      Fixed poly editing with layer add/remove bugs, closed #508
      Fixed Android 3 zoom control issue, closed #335
      Update readme and changelog
      cancelAnimFrame function
      make panning even more smooth
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update changelog
      initial inertia work (experimental)
      Fixed regression with disappearing controls, closed #525
      Merge branch 'master' of
      update build
      fix missing semicolon
      fix controls regression
      fix some more whitespace
      clean up, move attribution prefix arg to options
      styling tweaks, remove controls box-shadow for mobile devices
      fix typo
      Merge branch 'master' into inertia
      more inertia experiments
      Don't do tile update when animation is in progress
      Minor zoom animation cleanup
      Fix stuttering of pan animation in some cases
      Fixed world wrapping regression, closed #526
      Finally implemented panning inertia, closed #17
      Merge branch 'inertia'
      update build
      update changelog
      fix typo (treshold -> threshold)
      fix regression with tile loading
      fix typo
      fix touch zoom regression
      update build
      fix deceleration spelling
      more inertia fixes
      fire move during pan animation
      added scale control
      minor cleanup
      fix typo
      make scale control more compact
      more cleanup
      Fixed IE regression, closed #539
      Added originalEvent to Marker mouse events, closed #408
      whitespace fix
      initial global refactoring
      more global refactoring
      Merge branch 'master' of
      fix superclass regression
      limitExecByInterval fixes
      CR LF -> LF
      Make any Circle visible even on low zoom levels
      refactor icon and default marker image paths, wrap library in a function
      update jshint settings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      rename marker image
      update build
      bring marker icon back (oops!)
      update build
      update changelog
      fix debug files for IE6
      Fixed layers control in IE7, closed #652
      updated build for #729, closed #7 (awesome!)
      update build, some merges
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      updated build, closed #451
      refactoring, fix autopanning bug
      move private method into correct place
      Fix panning animations in Firefox/Opera
      fix Marker zIndex on zoom animation
      Merge branch 'danzel-animate-zoom-tryagain'
      update build
      update changelog
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      update build
      get rid of "unbounded" stuff (unprojection should always be unbounded)
      add autopanstart event to Map
      Fix IE9 (and older) popup positioning
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      minor cleanup
      add ImageOverlay opacity, hide on zoom animation
      add image overlay debug page
      path bringToFront and bringToBack
      marker update method
      tilelayer bringToFront and bringToBack
      update changelog, cleanup
      update changelog
      update build and changelog, cleanup
      refactoring, cleanup, add Bounds.getBottomLeft and getTopRight
      refactoring, map getZoomScale and getScaleZoom, fix path zoom anim to 
take clip padding into account
      update jasmine to 1.2.0
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      merge events by Guiswa, minor cleanup/refactoring
      update changelog
      minor cleanup / refactoring, fix removeEventListener bug
      update readme regarding pulls
      update readme more
      add window and undefined to outer closure
      remove shadowOffset, add shadowAnchor
      refactor request/cancelAnimFrame
      merge changes
      update build
      revert removing immediate option in reqAnimFrame
      update build
      update changelog
      return this in more methods
      fix #834 map drag over polygon bug
      update build with IE reqAnimFrame fix
      update changelog
      fix array form polyline editing bug, update build
      update build

shintonik (1):
      bug fix: TileLayer load event was fired only once

unknown (1):
      Add getContainer() method to L.Map as per the documentation.


JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers

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