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        on  Mon May 16 17:48:15 2011 +0300

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Version 0.1 (2011-05-13)
Matt Spence (3):
      Added draggability to markers
      Refactored marker dragging into MarkerDrag and support for shadows
      Added check on popup content variable for undefined to prevent content 
being to string 'undefined' when setContent hasn't been called yet

Mourner (140):
      LatLng todo
      provide accuracy in geolocation
      update ReadMe
      update leaflet build
      zoomOut, addLayer fixes
      Marker implementation
      add Marker to dependencies
      debug pages with common include
      moved Icon to dom package
      fix include order
      popup implementation
      popup fixes
      some initial popup/tile animation
      pretty up the popups a bit
      open popup on click, not mousedown
      move closePopupOnClick to Map
      fiddling with zoom animation
      fixed popup click propagation bug in webkit
      marker images
      marker zIndex fix
      update build
      todo: refactor translate stuff
      Move disabling click propagation to an util method
      fiddling with popup appearance
      more popup styling
      add Map#layerPointToContainerPoint
      autoPan implementation
      stop marker doubleclick propagation
      overriding default options
      update readme
      a couple of todos
      update build
      layer z-indexes, tidy up CSS
      new pretty marker icons
      changed bindPopup/openPopup behavior
      popup styling fixes
      add closure compiler
      popup refactoring, close button, update build
      close button
      updated close icon
      L.DomUtil.create shortcut, refactoring, update build
      update close button
      At last, zooming animation! HUGE commit!
      fix markers in IE7 (you have to set the size explicitly for some reason)
      fix IE7 error (it sometimes doesn't like the delete statement)
      close popup on open
      update readme
      update folder structure
      better debug page
      initial vector support, huge commit!
      VML path fallback, enabling polylines on IE6-8, performance tuning
      IE6 png24 markers and popup styling fixes
      tiny ie fix
      Sutherland-Hodgeman Polygon clipping algorithm
      fix option inheritance
      LineUtil refactoring, comments
      polygon holes support
      fix simplify typo
      circle implementation, vector refactoring
      options fix, L.Util.setOptions
      VML stroke fix
      vector refactoring
      update build, build config, readme
      bump license year, update readme
      mobile webkit svg flicker fix
      fix double click zoom animation
      shift drag zoom
      udpate closure compiler
      clean up
      update readme
      shiftDragZoom.disable fixed
      ShiftDragZoom.enable fix
      update build
      refactor map init code
      update readme and license
      update closure compiler
      addClass, hasClass utility methods
      update build
      commit closure compiler copying and readme files
      small addLayer refactoring
      fix scrolled document bug
      update build
      small handlers refactoring
      bump version
      copyright update
      update readme
      tiny mercator refactoring
      update readme
      update build
      zoom animation fix and refactoring, works like a charm on iOS now!
      rounding behavior change when touch zooming
      fix closure compiler removing useful code
      Merge branch 'refs/heads/master' of
      update dependencies
      clean up TileLayer options
      layerload event, other tweaks
      remove excessive rounding
      remove ff optimization (not needed anymore it seems)
      rework zoom animation, update build
      tile/popup fade animation
      update readme
      update license
      Path mouse events, Path#bindPopup, update build
      tidy up debug files
      update website link
      update website link
      control positioning, basic zoom control, update build
      update zoom styling
      bump version
      workaround for a webkit transition bug, fixes #10
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master'
      popup close on click fix
      double click zoom fix
      Double tap on mobile webkit, update build
      e.position -> e.latlng
      tilelayer error fix, fixes #30
      zoomControl option in map, fixes #31, update build
      fix TileLayer error on mobile webkit
      should reduce #32 impact a lot
      geolocation noFitBounds
      android fixes, zoom animation refactoring, fadeAnimation option
      bigger controls on mobile, update build
      better webkit transition bug workaround
      some clean up
      clear scaled tiles after new ones are loaded, fixes #24
      zoomAnimation option
      fix clearing scaled tiles
      initial attribution control implementation
      minor attrib fix
      fix IE, fix attrib control styling, update build
      zIndex for controls, fixes #36
      merge popup updateContent fix by msaspence
      update readme
      ability to enable marker drag later (not initially)
      zoom buttons hover styles
      fix IE empty path string bug
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master'

mourner (178):
      first commit
      Added some environment code and Class implementation
      Added Jasmine lib for testing
      Util functions, specs for Class & Util
      Class fixes, more Class specs
      slight class refactoring
      Transformation & Point classes, more specs
      Moved Transformation to geometry
      added Events, folder renaming
      Events fixes, Events spec
      improved Class spec
      namespace handling improvements, spec for noConflict
      types in the comments
      L.Util.stamp & specs
      Events fixes
      Options, specs
      options merging
      minor spec fix
      small Class fix
      LatLng + specs
      minor renaming
      Projection without specs
      Projection fixes, specs
      add prefix for id
      DomUtil, DomEvent, namespace config improvements, some specs
      DomEvent fixes, specs
      DomUtil.get, spec
      removed Options
      Point add/subtract/divideBy
      Events fire shortcut
      unbounded unproject
      initial Map commit (incomplete)
      Point fixes
      Bounds with specs
      events attr more secure
      initial browser detection
      positioning methods (with webkit acceleration support)
      more Map code
      placeholder for spec
      added getStyle, fixed setPosition
      working Map, at least!
      Transformation fix
      empty Map spec
      tileload event, copyright placeholder
      clean up formatting
      at least, debug page with a working map! no interaction yet
      added limitExecByInterval
      more mobile detection
      setPosition improvements for mobile
      added Draggable
      TileLayer optimizations for mobile
      added map dragging!
      basic Leaflet stylesheet
      examples updates
      remove shadows
      move text selection to draggable private methods
      handlers, move map dragging to MapDrag
      top comment
      ROOT_URL for future use
      update debug page
      Bump version to 0.0.2
      new Point methods
      MapDrag fix
      Touch Zoom
      Touch Zoom
      Touch Zoom
      translate/touch zoom refactoring
      moved Map, fixed some bugs
      Map geolocation
      LatLngBounds, moved MapSpec
      OR fixes
      Chainable Event methods
      remove geolocation from map example
      unnecessary check
      options fix
      moved enabled method, comments
      fix draggable
      map positioning refactoring
      double click zoom (initial)
      map events, double click fix
      draggable fix
      small refactoring
      gecko detection
      MapDrag optimization
      TileLayer optimization
      lesser interval
      temporary build script (will be replaced by Ruby script later)
      readme update
      Readme improvements
      Readme fixes
      adding file
      remove bla
      readme fix
      built Lealet
      add var to L namespace
      namespace fixes
      fix namespace spec
      TODO in readme
      update minified version
      pretty formatted build script
      fix readme formatting
      added latLngToLayerPoint; added overlayPane; converted LatLngBounds sw/ne 
properties to methods.
      make layer.draw & layer.load optional
      some meaningful renaming
      update readme
      overlay refactoring
      basic scroll wheel zoom
      scroll wheel zoom improvements
      update todo
      loaded tile class name hook
      update readme
      update build
      todo onerror
      layer remove
      moved tile visibility to CSS
      layers add/remove fix
      tile onerror
      loading tiles from center out
      fix tile unloading
      added trackResize, improved invalidateSize
      Transition implementation (both native and timer-based)
      panning animation
      update readme
      update build
      update readme
      progressive enhancement for animation
      scroll wheel zoom fixes
      fix animated pan
      better progressive enhancement
      move all animation-related logic from Map.js to Map.Animation.js
      Build Helper (with automatic dependency resolution)
      update build
      remove unnecessary comment
      improve build helper
      animation refactoring
      prevent zoom while animation is running
      update readme & build
      tidying up vector code
      update build and build config
      tidying up
      IE9 popup styling fixes
      Moved IE-specific CSS to a separate file; readme updated
      Replaced Liang-Barsky clipping algorithm with Cohen-Sutherland, which is 
faster in case most clippings are trivial accepts or rejects
      different performance optimizations
      larger route example, small optimizations
      some argument type comments
      Polygon implementation
      remove marker fix - thanks to Hannes Antero Junnila for pointing this
      fix removal of useful code by closure compiler
      update build
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      refactor popup code, merge marker dragging from msaspence
      oops, remove console.log
      fix marker click, fixes #43
      fix popup content update, fixes #42
      Path clickable option, fixes #39
      fix popup autoclose, fixes #40
      fix popup anchor offset, fixes #41
      update build
      geolocation update
      more chaining, update build


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