Hi Monica.

On 26/06/2011 12:53, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:
> Thank you very very much for your advices.
> Please, tell me if you find out more issues, I'll be glad to fix
> them :-)

Good work, package just pushed to the archive.

Just a small comment (not enough to do another round-trip, but probably
worth to consider for next release): the josm wrapper had some machinery
to automatically use OpenJDK or Sun's JVM because other Java virtual
machines were known not to work with it (for example, GNU gij).

Since this doesn't appear to be the case of mkgmapgui, probably it's
better remove this selection machinery and fall back to the usual: if
the user did specify some executable with JAVACMD, use that; it he
didn't, use just "java" that in turn will automatically start the VM
suggested by the alternatives system (when I pointed you the Josm
wrapper, I mostly intended it for inspiration; it course, given that
Josm is quite picky about its VM, it needs more machinery than required
by mkgmapgui).

Ciao, Gio.
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