On 08/08/2011 13:16, Andrew Harvey wrote:
> A couple of technical points:
> * a bunch of the images in josm/images/ are actually copied from other
> projects (where those other projects can be thought of as the upstream
> source).
> What is the best practice here, should we patch josm to use the
> versions from the other debian packages and add them as dependencies?
> examples include,
> a bunch are from tango-icon-theme
> josm/images/layer* are from libjs-openlayers
> josm/images/icons/* are from the sjjb icon set (which I have already
> done some work on packaging)

Thanks for the heads up.

There is also another problem: a few autogenerated files without source
(at least, I didn't find it). I already wrote upstream, let's wait for
the answer:


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