On 11-10-09 at 01:15pm, David Paleino wrote:
> On Sun, 9 Oct 2011 12:59:15 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hello Jonas,
> > I took the liberty to add a patch to Openlayers on Alioth.
> Thanks :)
> > Since I am not fluent in short-form dh (I use CDBS) I did not make a 
> > release.  Also, I am uncertain what team spirit applies here - how 
> > much coordination and proof-reading is expected.
> I'd say that the main principle is: "only change other people's 
> packages if you know what you're doing" (and you obviously do). :)

In principle, yes.  But actually I did make an error (corrected now).

...which revealed another flaw in the packaging: Build errors do not 
cause FTBFS as it should!

You execute main build routines in a subshell, and shell by default does 
not fail on errors.

I find it most elegant to avoid subshells in make, and I see no reason 
for it here.  When subshell is needed, add a "set -e;" as first command 
inside the subshell to ensure failures are not silenced.

> > Another change to Openlayers that I would appreciate was to switch 
> > compressor to uglifyjs.  It is more reliable and slightly more 
> > effective. If for some reason you insist on staying with 
> > yui-compressor then at least make the build-dependency versioned, as 
> > currently backporting to Squeeze creates broken code!
> No problem for me (honestly, it's even better, since we don't pull in 
> java anymore at build-time). However, uglifyjs seems to be present 
> only in sid?

Ah yes, I forgot: Nodejs is only in unstable.  Its main binary "node" 
clashes with another package (a ham radio daemon of some sort). Debian 
Policy then requires one or both of those binaries to be renamed, and 
reaction in the spring was refusal to rename that other one.  Since we 
(I am involved in maintaining Nodejs) feel it is quite bad for the Node 
compiler to be renamed, we have decided to postpone further discussion 
until we can more clearly demonstrate that Nodejs is an upcoming and 
fast growing environment that deserves better care for its naming than a 
ham daemon.

What I do in some Javascript packages is to favor uglifyjs with 
yui-compressor as fallback.  That is relatively simple to setup since 
they use same basic syntax.

See source package "backbone" for an example, if interested.

Remember to build-depend versioned on yui-compressor If you decide to 
add it as fallback!

> Anyway, I committed it. If it's ok, I can upload it later today.

That was quick!  I would've done exactly like you - but now I noticed a 
little nitpicking flaw in it: yui-compressor simply strips all comments 
but uglifyjs by default preserves topmost comments.  So no there is 
double copyright notices :-P


 - Jonas

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