Hi all,

I was trying to install Mapnik and mod_tile to run OpenStreetMap server, but I 
get into dependency issues. I am using Debian s`ueeze and installing Mapnik2 
was successful - when try to import mapnik2 it gives no errors. The issue here 
is that after that I try to install mod_tile and it says it will remove the 
mapnik2, which is working and will install mapnik0.7.

Installing mod_tile alone also didn't solve the issue - the mapnik version 
provided there is 0.7 and didn't work when I try import mapnik in python 
console. I also get an error when I try to create the osm.xml file - "Error: 
saving xml requires Mapnik python bindings to be installed". Installing 
python-mapnik package for Debian gives dependency issue - the python version 
have to be < 2.7, but I have 2.7.3 installed. I tried to change the python 
symlink to point the python2.6 so python -V will give 2.6.7, but that also 
didn't help.

I am fighting this problem more than 3 days following the wiki pages at Open 
Street Map site, and many other tutorials and blog post on the internet, but 
with no success, so any help/idea is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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