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On 12-06-11 at 01:37pm, Konstantin Delchev wrote:
> I was trying to install Mapnik and mod_tile to run OpenStreetMap 
> server, but I get into dependency issues. I am using Debian s`ueeze 
> and installing Mapnik2 was successful - when try to import mapnik2 it 
> gives no errors. The issue here is that after that I try to install 
> mod_tile and it says it will remove the mapnik2, which is working and 
> will install mapnik0.7.

mapnik2 is not in squeeze.

Sounds like you are *not* using Debian Squeeze but a freak system 
combining multiple sources.  Sorry, but that is unsupported, and 
unsurprising to cause problems: You are lucky(!) that the kind of 
problems you are experiencing are ones of dependencies, not more complex 
ones (like daemon mysteriously failing or only working "sometimes").

Experimenting with freak systems are not always bad - but please as a 
minimum a) realize that that's what you are really doing, and b) make it 
very clear when you involve others in resolving problems, as the kinds 
of issues are different and more complex than staying on a common track.

Specifically about your issue, you need to recompile the packages 
against your system, and possibly also manually adapt dependencies 
declared in the packaging.

Hope that helps,

 - Jonas

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