>> You need the josm-plugins package from experimental.

> There doesn't seem to be a josm-plugins in experimental.

> Proof: https://packages.debian.org/experimental/josm-plugins

> I'm guessing it wasn't in experimental a month ago when I tried, I
don't know how to check.

> The version of josm-plugins in sid breaks josm >= 0.0.svn6503

You hit several problems at once.

First, you do not need the josm-plugins package at all. You can install
all plugins manually and there are known problems with JOSM's plugin
update mechanism and this package.

Second, you can try to move the preference folder ($HOME/.josm) and try
the experimental package though you loose your preferences.

Third, you could export/import your preferences. There is an option in
JOSM preferences dialogue maybe only available in expert mode. Did not
test much the feature, yet, but it seems quite powerful.

Good luck


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