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        at  99b42cb   (tag)
   tagging  51763ee03d82f43168355082c186b531b745a3ed (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.22
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Mon Dec 26 23:28:50 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.23

adriani (10):
      * Fixed bug "scan_deps doesn't show ALL the dependencies"
      * Added exported path_to_inc_name subroutine
      * Adding test code for path_to_inc_name and duplicated_entries
      path_to_inc_name now deals with Module::Build::ModuleInfo->name returning 
      Minor update to scan_chunk heuristics
      Fix to avoid duplicated entries that can arise due to case differences 
that don't actually matter on case-tolerant systems (Adrian Issott)
      M::SD warnings now go to STDERR not STDOUT (Adrian Issott)
      Fixed bug #24162: scandeps.(bat|pl) doesn't correctly identify Core 
Modules on Windows (Adrian Issott)
      Added uses field to hash descriptions returned by scan_deps + tests 
(Adrian Issott)
      Added ScanFileRE to restrict the files scanned to .pl, .pm, .al and .t 
but allow the user to override + tests (Adrian Issott)

chorny (25):
      Add Test::More to build requirements
      repository in META.yml
      Add tests for scan_chunk
      Add special case for
      Fix for "use parent::something"
      Add special case for
      Add tests for scan_line
      fix for RT#48151, "require __PACKAGE__" should not die
      fix test
      special case for Perl::Critic
      special case for Event
      special case for
      Fix '14-scan_chunk.t' and '16-scan_line.t' for perl 5.6.1 (sort problem)
      fix '11-finds-shared-lib.t' for 5.6.1 and some problems of 
      Add "use strict;"
      Test for "use module version;"
      special case for CGI::Application::Plugin::AutoRunmode
      special case for CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication
      special case for DBIx::Perlish
      require modern Module::Install
      Special case for Package::Stash
      Special case for Moose
      incorrect comment
      Mojo::Base is a loader
      Special case for Class::Load

chrisdolan (3):
      Add special case for which specifies default helper classes in
      Failing test for skip.  Since 0.73, skip only blocks modules *under*
      Fix for previously failing test.  Now PAR -X option works properly again.

ewilhelm (2):
      lib/Module/ - lightly documented a couple things, notes on 
(probably) rt bug
      lib/Module/ - case-insensitive @INC removal for 
case-insensitive filesystems (how insensitive!)

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 1.23

lamprecht (1):
      fix bug with {type} being set to unexpected values in some cases

rschupp (155):
      fix %Preload wrt POE:
      Add if we saw "use threads::shared", because in that case
      RT #55746 - remove bogus "... if %Config::Config" condition
      RT #56020 - add data files used by Unicode::UCD
      RT #57494: add %Preload rule for
      add %Preload rule for RPC::XML:
      RT #58093: Par-Packer not including all dependencies (unicore/
      upgrade to Module::Install 1.00
      make %Preload entry for "" lazy, because computing its value is
      Bump M::SD version to 0.98, update change log
      fix a CPAN Testers regression
      clarify note add in r1201
      RT #61027: "use lib" does not work
      add %Preload rule for Date::Manip
      - add a %Preload rule for Log::Report::Dispatcher
      RT #65252: Temp files left when execute fails
      RT #65855: Special handling for POSIX requested
      Bump M::SD version to 1.00, update change log
      - add "unicore/version" for Unicode/ (because it contains a call
      Bump M::SD version to 1.01, update change log
      - drop obsolete debian directory
      - fix %Preload rule for add _all_ *.pl files below .../unicore
      - update changelog
      - post release version bump
      Fix for failing CPAN Testers report
      Fix for failing CPAN Testers report
      RT #69213: ScanDeps incompatible with AnyEvent (Perl 5.14, AnyEvent 5.34, 
PAR 1.00.2)
      - update changelog
      - bump perl version to 5.6.1
      post release version bump
      brown paper bag bug: fix option -x (execute) (broken by changes for -c)
      post release version bump
      add a test for scan_deps(..., execute => 1)
      - the local'ization of %INC etc for DataFeed purposes causes warnings
      add %Preload rules for MozRepl
      add suggested %Preload Rules from RT #70134 (thanks, Markus Jansen)
      RT #72082: $FindBin::Bin issue on Moudel::ScanDeps 1.04
      - update changelog
      post release version bump
      RT #72211: pp includes way too much modules (when using 'use strict;')?
      - bump Perl version requirement to 5.8.1 (Schwern: The End Of 5.6 Is 
      - prepare for release
      post release version bump
      - update to Module::Install 1.04
      Fix RT #72796: dynaloader test fails when the .so files are in the system 
lib dirs and local::lib is involved?
      - post release version bump
      RT#72954 ":encoding(UTF-8)" doesn't imply a dependency on
      - get rid of subs _compile and _execute and call _compile_or_execute 
      RT #73785: scandeps -c fails on modules that depend on Getopt::Euclid
      Make _glob_in_inc _always_ return the name prefixed with $subdir i.e.
      %Preload: fix a problem with Image::ExifTool:
      - add %Preload rules for and
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      - t/14-scan_chunk.t: we run actually 7 tests, adjust plan accordingly
      RT #79003: t/7-check-dynaloader.t failing when /usr/lib != /usr/lib64
      teach M::SD about "use if ..."
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      Fix RT #80276 Module DateTime::Format::ISO8601 generates error after 
being packaged
      add %Preload rule for Params::Validate to detect its PP and XS 
      update to Module::Install 1.06
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      new %Preload rule for YAML::Any
      new %Preload rule for Net::HTTPS (e.g. used by LWP::Protocol::https)
      Fix RT #89000: test broken by indirect disuse
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      "no_index module" -> "no_index package"
      Fix RT #87775: typo fixes
      clean up some uses of Test::More
      Fix RT #90869: Use of uninitialized value $module in substitution (s///)
      Make the new test for RT #90869 work.
      no functional change: sort the %Preload entries
      add %Preload rule for Pod::Usage
      add %Preload rule for B::Hooks::EndOfScope
      add a fake %Preload rule that warns if use of Module::Implementation
      change some tests to use Test::Requires instead of homegrown stuff;
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      fix recognition of (open() arguments) like "<:encoding(klingon)"
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      Fix RT #92860 (t/7-check-dynaloader.t doesn't handle systems with 
      prepare for release
      update to Module::Install 1.10
      post release version bump
      fix wrong version numbers in Changes
      Fix RT #98203: Migrate from deprecated Module::Build::ModuleInfo to 
      add long option names to
      implement option --xargs for
      prepare for release
      post release version bump die if an option is not recognized
      fix a nasty typo that broke option -E
      take a stab at RT#98938: recognize Module::Runtime module-loading 
      add option -T to request information from CPAN
      remove some overzealous heuristics from scan_chunk()
      upgrade to Module::Install 1.12
      recognize Test::More require_ok() and use_ok()
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      %Preload iand other fixes
      reformat Changes file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec
      add a %Preload rule: Mozilla::CA requires its cacert.pem file
      upgrade to Module::Install 1.14
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      WIP: script to recursively find NEEDED (in the ELF sense) shared libraries
      Fix RT #101569: Incorrect module parsing if Moose is included
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      add a %Preload rule for AnyEvent
      update OpenFoundry repository URL
      add license
      add %Preload entry for MIME::Types (data file MIME/types.db)
      always add when fix encountering constructs like
      add %Preload rule for LWP::MediaTypes: data file LWP/media.types
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      recognize constructs like "open FH, '<:via(Foo)', ..."
      Fix RT#106144: Preload dependencies for File::BOM)
      Fix RT106142: Preload dependencies for PDL and PDL::NiceSlice
      upgrade to Module::Install 1.16
      add add_preload_rule() to dynamically add a %Preload rule
      reduce the WTF factor
      whatever this hack was for... dike it out
      Rework the implementation of -x/-c
      Drop code for Perl < 5.008 as we rquire 5.8.1 already
      Drop dubious %Preload of for SOAP::Lite and XML::Parser::Expat
      Make %Preload "transitive"...
      Now that preloafing works transitively, drop some hacky rules
      De-obfuscate code...
      Revise our stance on
      prepare for release
      post release version bump
      simplify up scan_deps_runtime(), _compile_or_execute(), _extract_info()
      %Preload: make the following modules require the unicore stuff
      remove all references to, doesn't exist anymore
      add %Preload rules for List::MoreUtils and Log::Dispatch
      add helper _glob_in_inc_1()
      prepare for release 1.21
      post release version bump
      add LICENSE file, update "repository" to point to GitHub
      neatly align %Preload table
      Fix RT#117887: Not parsing new release of Net::DNS::Resolver
      prepare release 1.22
      post release version bump
      add .gitignore
      remove LICENSE for now, restore original wording in README
      add back Perl_5 LICENSE
      add %Preload rules for List::SomeUtils and Pod::Simple::Transcode
      get rid of Module::Install
      prepare for release

snstanton (1):
      Avoid duplicated entries arising from used_by references with case 

tsee (88):
      Tagging PAR 0.971
      Version bump. This is 0.72.
      Be smarter wrt detecting globs. Tests. This is 0.73.
      Add another author. Still 0.73.
      Using T::Utils and expecting it to be picked up from t/ only 
works on broken (case insensitive) file systems.
      Make a developer release 0.73_01.
      Test commit, extend copyright.
      Version bump to Module::ScanDeps 0.74.
      Add a pass() in the case of M::Pluggable not being installed. Would
      Update Module::Install
      Add a new test file, courtesy of Eric Wilhelm.
      Add mention of dynaloader test to Changelog.
      This is M::SD 0.75. Update version, add changelog
      Update Module::Install for M::SD. Still in 0.75.
      * Fix special case for Term::ReadLine (should not rope in Tk)
      Semi-fix CGI::Apache special case.
      Document threads::shared and special case.
      Attempt a fix for case insensitive file systems and path comparisons.
      Docs still used to claim to be 0.71.
      Remove use of Data::Dump
      Un-tab the code which was partly tab-indented, partly space-indented.
      Add missing semicolon.
      Change _add_info interface to named parameters.
      replace parameter name 'return_value' if _add_info with 'rv' as it's so 
common in M::SD. Sorry.
      Find shared libraries for module files specified as (direct) input files.
      Add tests for searching shared libs.
      Version bump to 0.76. This will most likely be 0.76.
      Add support for
      Time for a new release. Updated copyright to include 2007. Version bump 
to 0.77. This will be Module::ScanDeps 0.77.
      * Fix file-selection regex from last release to include files without 
      Actually, really, fix the ScanFileRE regex to include those files which 
also have a path (i.e. / or \\) in them.
      * Remove warning from t/12-ScanFileRE.t which was left over from 
      Do not report input files as dependencies of themselves.
      Version bump to 0.80.
      Scott Stanton needs to be added to AUTHORS.
      Update release date for 0.80.
      * Fix for case insensitive file system test script. (Seth Blumberg)
      * Update release date.
      * Depend on
      Add special case for Image::ExifTool. This is Module::ScanDeps 0.83.
      special case for Class::MethodMaker. This is M::SD 0.84.
      special case for Net::Server
      fix whitespace
      use (arch|priv)libexp instead of (arch|priv)lib
      update Module::Install to 0.77
      note the M::I update in Changes
      fix broken prefork scanner case
      test that prefork is detected correctly.
      test for static scan of 'use SomeMOduleLoader'Module';' (without a space 
before the argument)
      fix static scanning of 'use SomeMOduleLoader'Module';' (without a space 
before the argument), up the version to 0.86
      support for and slight refactor of the loader-module scanning in 
      document changes, add TODO comment, this is Module::ScanDeps 0.86.
      Add special case for PPI, this is Module::ScanDeps 0.87.
      add special case for File::HomeDir, this is M::SD 0.88
      support for asa and only::matching
      document changes for 0.89
      DateTime::Locale special case
      make recursion optional (Jos)
      special case for PAR::Repository and ::Client
      bump version to 0.90
      upgrade Module::Install
      Add Christoph Lamprecht to the list of authors
      Apply Roderich's modification of Christoph's patch to correctly detect 
      update copyright
      oops, fix setPalette patch
      This is Module::ScanDeps 0.91
      upgrade Module::Install to 0.91
      mention Christophs recent bugfix in Changes
      fix no. of tests in file
      Bump Module::ScanDeps version number
      Merge caching branch to trunk
      Add chorny to authors
      bump Module::ScanDeps version to 0.93
      OS/2 test fixes
      This is Module::ScanDeps 0.94
      Fix 'uninitialized...' warnings (Dave Rolsky)
      Special case for Log::Any, bump M::SD version to 0.95
      Module::ScanDeps 0.96
      Pack the content of module/distribution sharedirs is automatically.
      Bump M::SD version to 0.97, update change log
      Tag M::SD 0.97
      Fix sever mis-"tag" of M::SD. I'm a moron sometimes.
      fix URI special case (clkao)
      Add Eric Roode to AUTHORS
      Speed up scanning *significantly* by not re-constructing regexen for 
every line of input and reducing the no. of sub calls


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