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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.01029
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        at  94b6a90   (tag)
   tagging  5c0e9e83fb6e44827bc4f7925407877a459b4f10 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.01028
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Thu Jul 9 22:08:31 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.01029

Alessandro Ghedini (1):
      Replace JSON::Any with JSON

Andreas Marienborg (20):
      Support setting Authorization in prepare_request
      Add start of Repos/Stats module
      Make the sleep optional
      Gists now have another number in their comment urls
      plu is a member of a new org now :P
      Update git_data test to new data
      Update live repos test to new data
      GET / now returns pointers to other endpoints
      Add Repos::Statuses api
      Update Changes
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add organization to Teams->add_repo url
      Update Changes
      Fix a broken test
      Update readme
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Add Authority to avoid PAUSE perm issues in future

Corey Farwell (1):
      Fix spelling in comment

Florian Ragwitz (8):
      Add a class implementing v3 search
      Allow users to select the search API to use
      Stopy lying about whith API Pithub::Search uses
      Allow tests to pass arguments to our accessor functions
      Tests for Pithub::SearchV3
      Update search docs
      Update README
      Test on newer perl versions

Johannes Plunien (404):
      Add empty classes.
      Add empty methods.
      Implement API calls.
      Add test: git_data/blobs/get.
      Add test: git_data/commits/get.
      Add test: git_data/tags/get.
      Add test: git_data/trees/get.
      Add test: git_data/references/get.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Blobs->create docs.
      Add test: git_data/blobs/create.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Commits->create docs.
      Add test: git_data/commits/create.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Tags->create docs.
      Update TODO.
      Change references->get test value.
      Change example in Pithub::GitData::References::create docs.
      Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/git/refs.
      Add test: git_data/references/create.
      Implement Pithub::GitData::References::list.
      Add test: git_data/references/list.
      Add test: git_data/references/update.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::References docs.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Tags docs.
      Add test: git_data/tags/create.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Trees docs.
      Fix missing implementation for recursive=1 in Pithub::GitData::Trees->get.
      Add example call for Pithub::GitData::Trees->create from the Github API 
      Change example for Pithub::GitData::Tags->create in docs.
      Add test: git_data/trees/create.
      Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/issues.
      Implement Pithub::Issues->create.
      Add test: git_data/issues/create.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues->get.
      Add test: issues/get.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues->update.
      Rename issues_id => issue_id.
      Require auth for: PATCH /repos/:user/:repo/issues/:id.
      Add test: issues/update.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues->list.
      Remove "my" from examples.
      Add test: issues/list.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->get.
      Move live test to own file and switch it off by default via ENV var.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->list.
      Require auth for: DELETE /repos/:user/:repo/issues/comments/:id.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->delete.
      Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/issues/:id/comments.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->create.
      Require auth for: PATCH /repos/:user/:repo/issues/comments/:id.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->update.
      Add test: issues/comments/create.t.
      Add test: issues/comments/update.t.
      Add test: issues/comments/delete.t.
      Add test: issues/comments/get.t.
      Add test: issues/comments/list.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Events->get.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Events->list.
      Add test: issues/events/get.t.
      Add test: issues/events/list.t.
      Split Pithub::Issues::Labels->create into ->create and ->add.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->add.
      Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/issues/:id/labels.
      Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/labels.
      Add test: issues/labels/add.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->create.
      Add test: issues/labels/create.t.
      Split Pithub::Issues::Labels->delete into ->delete and ->remove.
      Require auth for: DELETE /repos/:user/:repo/labels/:id.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->delete.
      Add test: issues/labels/delete.t.
      Fix wrong color syntax.
      Move "Get labels for every issue in a milestone" from ->get to ->list.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->get.
      Add test: issues/labels/get.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->list.
      Add test: issues/labels/list.t.
      Require auth for: DELETE /repos/:user/:repo/issues/:id/labels/:id.
      Require auth for: DELETE /repos/:user/:repo/issues/:id/labels.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->remove.
      Add test: issues/labels/remove.t.
      Require auth for: PUT /repos/:user/:repo/issues/:id/labels.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->replace.
      Add test: issues/labels/replace.t.
      Require auth for: PATCH /repos/:user/:repo/labels/:id.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->update.
      Add test: issues/labels/update.t.
      Fix typo, wrong method name.
      Change syntax in Pithub::Base->_merge_args.
      Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/milestones.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->create.
      Add test: issues/milestones/create.t.
      Require auth for: DELETE /repos/:user/:repo/milestones/:id.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->delete.
      Add test: issues/milestones/delete.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->get.
      Add test: issues/milestones/get.t.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->list.
      Add test: issues/milestones/list.t.
      Require auth for: PATCH /repos/:user/:repo/milestones/:id.
      Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->update.
      Add test: issues/milestones/update.t.
      Add some docs.
      Make Pithub::Base->request() $options more flexible.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs->get.
      Add test: orgs/get.t.
      Require auth for: GET /user/orgs.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs->list.
      Add test: orgs/list.t.
      Require auth for: PATCH /orgs/:org.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs->update.
      Add test: orgs/update.t.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->list.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->list_public.
      Add tests: orgs/members/list.t.
      Add tests: orgs/members/list_public.t.
      Require auth for: DELETE /orgs/:org/public_members/:user.
      Require auth for: DELETE /orgs/:org/members/:user.
      Require auth for: GET /orgs/:org/members/:user.
      Require auth for: PUT /orgs/:org/public_members/:user.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->conceal.
      Add tests: orgs/members/conceal.t.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->delete.
      Add tests: orgs/members/delete.t.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->is_member.
      Add tests: orgs/members/is_member.t.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->is_public.
      Add tests: orgs/members/is_public.t.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->publicize.
      Add tests: orgs/members/publicize.t.
      Require auth for all endpoints of Pithub::Orgs::Teams.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->add_member.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->add_repo.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->create.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->delete.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->get.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->get_repo.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->is_member.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->list.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->list_members.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->list_repos.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->remove_member.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->remove_repo.
      Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->update.
      Fix regexp for PATCH /teams/:id.
      Fix typo in path.
      Add tests: orgs/teams/*.t.
      Add getters for pagination headers in Pithub::Result.
      Fix wrong path.
      Implement pagination.
      Add test for missing Link header.
      Add Pithub::Base docs.
      Add warning.
      Reformat POD.
      Consolidate gists api.
      Reformat POD.
      Consolidate users api.
      Fix docs.
      Add docs and make ua exchangeable.
      Move all gists tests in gists.t.
      Move all git data tests in git_data.t.
      Move all issues tests in issues.t.
      Move all orgs tests in orgs.t.
      Move all pull requests tests in pull_requests.t.
      Move all repos tests in repos.t.
      Move all users tests in users.t.
      Restore tests.
      Move ratelimit methods.
      Add docs.
      Add abstract to POD.
      Use PodWeaver plugin.
      Reformat pod.
      Add dzil plugins.
      Add Changes file.
      Remove tag_format config.
      Move examples around.
      Add some more live tests (protected by ENV var, disabled by default).
      Implement Pithub::Result->get_page.
      Implement per_page parameter/attribute.
      Test pagination live.
      Fix bug in labels->get.
      Be less restrictive building api urls using sprintf.
      Implement some more live tests.
      Implement jsonp_callback.
      Implement $result->iterator.
      Hide iterator implementation.
      Implement auto_pagination.
      Do not use Pithub::Base in tests.
      Fix POD syntax error.
      Fix isa of ua attribute in Pithub::Base.
      Sanitize tests which loaded an HTTP response from file.
      Add tests for auto_pagination.
      Update examples, use ->next.
      Add some more tests to live.t.
      Implement Pithub::Result->count.
      Use new syntax in tests.
      Add some more tests to live.t.
      Count returns zero for empty content hashrefs.
      Add some more tests to live.t.
      Show full URI in access token required exception.
      Reformat POD.
      Change SYNOPSIS.
      Implement Pithub::Repos::Downloads->(create|upload).
      Add basic tests for downloads->create.
      Refactor test result loading.
      Change syntax to make Devel::Cover happy.
      Add more tests for downloads->upload.
      Make downloads->upload more restrictive.
      Add some more tests to live.t.
      Change Repos->create and Repos->update interface.
      Fix typo.
      Skip does not need the real numbers here.
      Add first tests to live.t that require a token.
      Set content-length (fix PUT request without body).
      Implement $result->first.
      Add more tests to live.t
      Change syntax.
      Change syntax.
      Change commit->get expecation.
      Disable TODO, Github fixed the API.
      Add more tests to live.t
      Rename label => label_id.
      Add more tests to live.t
      Fix Pithub::Users->list_following.
      Add more tests to live.t
      Remove TODO file, added issues on Github.
      Fix Pithub::Repos->update.
      Add more tests to live.t
      Rename Orgs->Teams->get_repo to ->has_repo.
      Mark changes that might break something.
      Add more tests to live.t
      Add more tests to live.t
      Rename test account/repo/org.
      Split up live.t.
      Add more tests to live/repos.t
      Add more tests to live/pull_requests.t
      Remove TODO tests - Github API has been fixed.
      Improve documentation.
      Add test for Pithub::GitData::Blobs->create.
      Make sending HTTP requests lazy.
      Make access to response headers easier.
      Add tests to t/live/git_data.t.
      Remove Pithub::Request.
      Move tests to correct file.
      Replace prepare_uri with more flexible prepare_request.
      Refactor Pithub::Base->request.
      Improve docs.
      Implement global prepare_request hook.
      Mark test as TODO.
      Fix list_comments test to check the last comment, not the first.
      Fix typos.
      Improve tests.
      Improve the gists docs.
      Add documentation disclaimer.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Blobs docs.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Commits docs.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::References docs.
      Get rid of Pithub::Response.
      Remove TODO from test.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Tags docs.
      Improve Pithub::GitData::Trees docs.
      Implement params in options hashref.
      Use Pithub::Test to create objects in tests.
      Implement missing call: List the issues of the authenticated user.
      Update Pithub::Issues docs.
      Make params a separate key, not inside the options hashref.
      Docs docs docs.
      Do not us prepare_request in Trees->get (recursive).
      Fix wrong apostrophe.
      Fix TODO test.
      Add examples.
      Add exmples/
      Use ENV in download example.
      Rename variables to make more sense.
      Fix typo in commit message.
      Replace Moose with Moo.
      Add some docs.
      Update Changes.
      Add examples/
      Fix bug in link header parser.
      Change dependency from JSON::XS to JSON.
      Adapt test to new response on /.
      Change fragile test cases.
      Implement new repos hooks API.
      Fix outdated statement about Net::Github - it supports v3 now too.
      Use the Git dzil plugin.
      Use @Git instead of single git plugins.
      What the heck was I thinking when typing this?! Most probably nothing at
      Fix #145: Implement Pithub::Repos::Commits->compare.
      Change POD syntax for Response code examples.
      Revert "Use @Git instead of single git plugins."
      Support new Events API.
      Fix weird apostrophe.
      Fix typo.
      Fix failing live test.
      The /repos/:user/:repo/hooks/:id/test action becomes 
      The /gists/:id/fork action becomes /gists/:id/forks.
      Revert "The /repos/:user/:repo/hooks/:id/test action becomes 
      Fix wrong usage of Moo.
      Update Changes file (too late).
      Implement new issues assignee api.
      Implement new repos contents api.
      Add pod references.
      Fix pod errors.
      Fix usage on a Github:FI or Github:Enterprise installation.
      Fix base path on auto_pagination.
      Implement new repo starring api.
      Fix broken live tests.
      Start implementing search api.
      Finish search api.
      Fix tests on 5.17.x.
      Update gitignore.
      Fix missing changes entry.
      Merge pull request #150 from ghedo/master
      Update Changes.
      Add contributors section.
      Merge pull request #152 from omega/repos-stats
      Update Changes.
      Merge pull request #153 from plu/update-live-tests
      Merge pull request #155 from plu/statuses
      Use ReadmeAnyFromPod to generate readme.
      Add readme to be more Github friendly.
      Fix typo.
      Fix missing imports.
      Add missing accessors.
      Add tests.
      Update docs.
      Fix wrong nesting.
      Add Pithub::Repos::Releases.
      Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->list.
      Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->get.
      Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->create.
      Fix test.
      Require token.
      Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->update.
      Set permissions for new releases requests.
      Fix typo.
      Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->delete.
      Add example script for release api.
      Add note about Downloads API deprecation.
      Link to Releases module.
      Update README.
      Add Pithub::Repos::Releases::Assets.
      Implement assets API.
      Add travis config.
      Add newline.
      Add travis status.
      Bump version.
      Update Changes.
      Update readme.
      Set correct parameter when forking to org.
      Add example to fork a repo into an organization.
      Update Changes.
      Update README.
      Merge pull request #161 from schwern/tests/fix_live_tests
      Do not infer response stub file name from request
      Rename Pithub::Test to Pithub::Test::Factory
      Fix sed accident
      Merge pull request #164 from schwern/feature/conditional_requests
      Add abstract to SharedCache
      Fix gist comments
      Fix orgs live tests
      Remove methods to update user/repo keys
      Fix public key live test
      Fix add/list email live test
      Merge pull request #166 from plu/feature/coveralls
      Merge pull request #167 from plu/feature/per_page=100
      Merge pull request #170 from plu/issue/168
      Fix test
      Use uri_is instead of is
      Add coveralls badge
      Merge pull request #172 from plu/feature/branch
      Merge pull request #173 from plu/docs/response_handles
      Merge pull request #175 from plu/github_for_issues
      Merge pull request #177 from plu/refactor/Path-Tiny
      Merge pull request #176 from plu/refactor/change_JSON
      Add contributor entry
      Merge pull request #179 from frewsxcv/patch-1
      Merge pull request #181 from oalders/master
      Merge pull request #182 from rafl/v3-search
      Revert back to <= 5.21 - Perl @ Travis

Michael G. Schwern (37):
      Gist URLs contain a sha, not a number.
      The html_url changed slightly.
      Handle the "truncated" field.
      Add the ETag header to Pithub::Result.
      Fix the basic live test to be more robust.
      Support request caching aka conditional requests.
      Test Perl 5.10 on Travis.
      Try adding support.
      Add Pithub::Test to hold uri_is()
      Add a default per_page, same as the Github default.
      Change the per_page default to 100.
      Implement Pithub::Repos->delete
      Allow attribute overrides via the Pithub instance helpers.
      Fix the live branches test.
      Add the ability to get info about a single branch.
      Grammar fix in the docs.
      Document that attributes can be changed in the helper methods.
      Document the auto_pagination default in Pithub::Base.
      Document the per_page maximum.
      I think we can safely assume all DELETE operations require a token.
      Make _token_required a little more efficient.
      .*? is redundant with .*
      Merge branch 'refactor/token_required'
      Document delegations to the response object.
      Automate Github badges in the README.
      Forgot to update the change log last release.
      README version bump.
      Use the Github issue tracker in our META data.
      A better isa check.
      Change to JSON::MaybeXS
      Use Path::Tiny instead of File::Slurp and File::Basename.
      Need Moo > 1.001000 where they added non-code ref defaults.
      Update the change log for release.
      Version update in the README.

Olaf Alders (3):
      Adds a GHE example to the SYNOPSIS.
      Add Pithub::SearchV3 to Changes.

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.01029


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