This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libpithub-perl.

      from  86ed0b6   control: refreshed dependencies
       new  8eb8e17   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  067ad09   Update debian/changelog
      adds  7331484   Init.
      adds  c9db509   Add empty classes.
      adds  df21b26   MooseX::Role::BuildInstanceOf++.
      adds  db40679   Add empty methods.
      adds  86c845d   Implement API calls.
      adds  3bffef0   Add test: git_data/blobs/get.
      adds  081fb0b   Add test: git_data/commits/get.
      adds  cc28c3b   Add test: git_data/tags/get.
      adds  61383b6   Add test: git_data/trees/get.
      adds  5f8c77f   Add test: git_data/references/get.
      adds  8b3ee4f   Improve Pithub::GitData::Blobs->create docs.
      adds  c42204b   Add test: git_data/blobs/create.
      adds  9d93bcc   Improve Pithub::GitData::Commits->create docs.
      adds  93b4dfc   Add test: git_data/commits/create.
      adds  1ced9eb   Improve Pithub::GitData::Tags->create docs.
      adds  4e08956   Update TODO.
      adds  f42d8e8   Change references->get test value.
      adds  d832de6   Change example in Pithub::GitData::References::create 
      adds  cbffc1d   Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/git/refs.
      adds  e4acd02   Add test: git_data/references/create.
      adds  364ffe8   Implement Pithub::GitData::References::list.
      adds  1572fa2   Add test: git_data/references/list.
      adds  eeab738   Add test: git_data/references/update.
      adds  5b9042f   Improve Pithub::GitData::References docs.
      adds  63be636   Improve Pithub::GitData::Tags docs.
      adds  09fc929   Add test: git_data/tags/create.
      adds  3563896   Improve Pithub::GitData::Trees docs.
      adds  4751313   Fix missing implementation for recursive=1 in 
      adds  db865c7   Add example call for Pithub::GitData::Trees->create from 
the Github API docs.
      adds  2a56bb6   Change example for Pithub::GitData::Tags->create in docs.
      adds  29ab6a1   Add test: git_data/trees/create.
      adds  e5db498   Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/issues.
      adds  3dd7571   Implement Pithub::Issues->create.
      adds  2fa388c   Add test: git_data/issues/create.t.
      adds  eae11ca   Implement Pithub::Issues->get.
      adds  552abdb   Add test: issues/get.t.
      adds  9d89848   Implement Pithub::Issues->update.
      adds  5cd2ebe   Rename issues_id => issue_id.
      adds  9b90789   Require auth for: PATCH /repos/:user/:repo/issues/:id.
      adds  a90c352   Add test: issues/update.t.
      adds  deb20ae   Implement Pithub::Issues->list.
      adds  3491fbf   Remove "my" from examples.
      adds  ccaea1e   Add test: issues/list.t.
      adds  6c4eb9a   Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->get.
      adds  c294ce8   Move live test to own file and switch it off by default 
via ENV var.
      adds  1a0c13c   Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->list.
      adds  0174a4a   Require auth for: DELETE 
      adds  58b2a70   Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->delete.
      adds  0fc231b   Require auth for: POST 
      adds  237108a   Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->create.
      adds  cfbd9c3   Require auth for: PATCH 
      adds  0dd4dd0   Implement Pithub::Issues::Comments->update.
      adds  f82dadb   Add test: issues/comments/create.t.
      adds  49f4e33   Add test: issues/comments/update.t.
      adds  976fcef   Add test: issues/comments/delete.t.
      adds  5a49352   Add test: issues/comments/get.t.
      adds  1055e5c   Add test: issues/comments/list.t.
      adds  855e091   Implement Pithub::Issues::Events->get.
      adds  9b146e5   Implement Pithub::Issues::Events->list.
      adds  46a3d63   Add test: issues/events/get.t.
      adds  5e352b4   Add test: issues/events/list.t.
      adds  77954fc   Split Pithub::Issues::Labels->create into ->create and 
      adds  87e668d   Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->add.
      adds  b3c6855   Require auth for: POST 
      adds  8b57d32   Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/labels.
      adds  c440ba7   Add test: issues/labels/add.t.
      adds  8de2a1b   Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->create.
      adds  99ea576   Add test: issues/labels/create.t.
      adds  093b70d   Split Pithub::Issues::Labels->delete into ->delete and 
      adds  fcde4ab   Require auth for: DELETE /repos/:user/:repo/labels/:id.
      adds  a2fbfbf   Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->delete.
      adds  8068e35   Add test: issues/labels/delete.t.
      adds  0734e0e   Fix wrong color syntax.
      adds  1f68517   Move "Get labels for every issue in a milestone" from 
->get to ->list.
      adds  c44f3a0   Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->get.
      adds  061e8d5   Add test: issues/labels/get.t.
      adds  1cfe425   Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->list.
      adds  ba6be31   Add test: issues/labels/list.t.
      adds  0ebaf91   Require auth for: DELETE 
      adds  0acc5cc   Require auth for: DELETE 
      adds  fea587c   Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->remove.
      adds  b289398   Add test: issues/labels/remove.t.
      adds  b32c3e1   Require auth for: PUT 
      adds  ac09761   Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->replace.
      adds  ac5f7f7   Add test: issues/labels/replace.t.
      adds  ef76183   Require auth for: PATCH /repos/:user/:repo/labels/:id.
      adds  9ed390a   Implement Pithub::Issues::Labels->update.
      adds  538580e   Add test: issues/labels/update.t.
      adds  2dcc2ad   Fix typo, wrong method name.
      adds  e27c3cb   Change syntax in Pithub::Base->_merge_args.
      adds  ab50fb3   Require auth for: POST /repos/:user/:repo/milestones.
      adds  bac4a2d   Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->create.
      adds  3947fad   Add test: issues/milestones/create.t.
      adds  a4360e6   Require auth for: DELETE 
      adds  9393d69   Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->delete.
      adds  815fe8c   Add test: issues/milestones/delete.t.
      adds  bc3f86f   Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->get.
      adds  ee31e39   Add test: issues/milestones/get.t.
      adds  a73b40c   Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->list.
      adds  abdce0b   Add test: issues/milestones/list.t.
      adds  633f1c0   Require auth for: PATCH /repos/:user/:repo/milestones/:id.
      adds  0ef7f8d   Implement Pithub::Issues::Milestones->update.
      adds  aac667c   Add test: issues/milestones/update.t.
      adds  826aa34   Add some docs.
      adds  fec26bf   Make Pithub::Base->request() $options more flexible.
      adds  2f25147   Implement Pithub::Orgs->get.
      adds  b9dd6d3   Add test: orgs/get.t.
      adds  2593ccc   Require auth for: GET /user/orgs.
      adds  50f7569   Implement Pithub::Orgs->list.
      adds  8982ca2   Add test: orgs/list.t.
      adds  e4e2e91   Require auth for: PATCH /orgs/:org.
      adds  eb8eae6   Implement Pithub::Orgs->update.
      adds  7496dca   Add test: orgs/update.t.
      adds  ca526d2   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->list.
      adds  eaafd1a   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->list_public.
      adds  5f54eb5   Add tests: orgs/members/list.t.
      adds  9e08cfe   Add tests: orgs/members/list_public.t.
      adds  aa36ff6   Require auth for: DELETE /orgs/:org/public_members/:user.
      adds  a72d4d7   Require auth for: DELETE /orgs/:org/members/:user.
      adds  b1c83da   Require auth for: GET /orgs/:org/members/:user.
      adds  ea1170d   Require auth for: PUT /orgs/:org/public_members/:user.
      adds  d4cb353   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->conceal.
      adds  cc4f202   Add tests: orgs/members/conceal.t.
      adds  2d395df   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->delete.
      adds  37e0175   Add tests: orgs/members/delete.t.
      adds  3359209   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->is_member.
      adds  5ab3efe   Add tests: orgs/members/is_member.t.
      adds  f83ee3e   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->is_public.
      adds  3d14b6f   Add tests: orgs/members/is_public.t.
      adds  a43de90   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Members->publicize.
      adds  2b3e7c6   Add tests: orgs/members/publicize.t.
      adds  43b89e0   Require auth for all endpoints of Pithub::Orgs::Teams.
      adds  afc8c57   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->add_member.
      adds  7124abe   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->add_repo.
      adds  86c34a3   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->create.
      adds  a368c06   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->delete.
      adds  805b685   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->get.
      adds  eee8d72   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->get_repo.
      adds  85feb85   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->is_member.
      adds  6f0db33   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->list.
      adds  6342284   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->list_members.
      adds  1c3fac9   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->list_repos.
      adds  32f7460   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->remove_member.
      adds  3acde5f   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->remove_repo.
      adds  048477f   Implement Pithub::Orgs::Teams->update.
      adds  1e7253e   Fix regexp for PATCH /teams/:id.
      adds  0c4f12d   Fix typo in path.
      adds  a50dc60   Add tests: orgs/teams/*.t.
      adds  34d8b29   Add getters for pagination headers in Pithub::Result.
      adds  25a1eb4   Fix wrong path.
      adds  c819e31   Implement pagination.
      adds  6b61273   Add test for missing Link header.
      adds  a1ee4a2   Add Pithub::Base docs.
      adds  217cb14   Add warning.
      adds  32b2c2c   Reformat POD.
      adds  d3eb941   Consolidate gists api.
      adds  1750991   Reformat POD.
      adds  981cd82   Consolidate users api.
      adds  ee7da42   Fix docs.
      adds  999108b   Add docs and make ua exchangeable.
      adds  ca2ea30   Move all gists tests in gists.t.
      adds  a0a3904   Move all git data tests in git_data.t.
      adds  8972792   Move all issues tests in issues.t.
      adds  9f2c572   Move all orgs tests in orgs.t.
      adds  f6815e7   Move all pull requests tests in pull_requests.t.
      adds  8b462ac   Move all repos tests in repos.t.
      adds  f3964b8   Move all users tests in users.t.
      adds  a32cdf5   Restore tests.
      adds  961da2d   Move ratelimit methods.
      adds  1c5230f   Add docs.
      adds  3dd520a   Add abstract to POD.
      adds  b093ac8   Use PodWeaver plugin.
      adds  b9fa77a   Reformat pod.
      adds  9616d4f   Add dzil plugins.
      adds  20f946f   Add Changes file.
      adds  09da9bf   v0.01001
      adds  caee8cb   Remove tag_format config.
      adds  b813e4c   Move examples around.
      adds  edb2e24   Add some more live tests (protected by ENV var, disabled 
by default).
      adds  22bb7d8   Implement Pithub::Result->get_page.
      adds  6f365cc   Implement per_page parameter/attribute.
      adds  af33553   Test pagination live.
      adds  915f632   Fix bug in labels->get.
      adds  4c0aa4a   Be less restrictive building api urls using sprintf.
      adds  fd9d354   Implement some more live tests.
      adds  dd736f0   Implement jsonp_callback.
      adds  2b22382   Implement $result->iterator.
      adds  026b7fc   Hide iterator implementation.
      adds  ac8d69f   Implement auto_pagination.
      adds  df17fd7   Do not use Pithub::Base in tests.
      adds  38cfbff   Fix POD syntax error.
      adds  b691493   Fix isa of ua attribute in Pithub::Base.
      adds  317331d   Sanitize tests which loaded an HTTP response from file.
      adds  1635011   Add tests for auto_pagination.
      adds  9595181   Update examples, use ->next.
      adds  a631d40   v0.01002
      adds  5d7b8b5   Add some more tests to live.t.
      adds  7e35152   Implement Pithub::Result->count.
      adds  450b295   Use new syntax in tests.
      adds  32f100f   Add some more tests to live.t.
      adds  d53252a   Count returns zero for empty content hashrefs.
      adds  4f50719   Add some more tests to live.t.
      adds  48f35a8   Show full URI in access token required exception.
      adds  00c4540   Reformat POD.
      adds  801f5f2   Change SYNOPSIS.
      adds  6aa3b61   Implement Pithub::Repos::Downloads->(create|upload).
      adds  5652548   Add basic tests for downloads->create.
      adds  331faa2   Refactor test result loading.
      adds  819378e   Change syntax to make Devel::Cover happy.
      adds  feb5f34   Add more tests for downloads->upload.
      adds  7520c39   Make downloads->upload more restrictive.
      adds  ec81fc6   Add some more tests to live.t.
      adds  ceef15b   Change Repos->create and Repos->update interface.
      adds  0ef8d5a   Fix typo.
      adds  cafdb63   Skip does not need the real numbers here.
      adds  d4eaaf2   Add first tests to live.t that require a token.
      adds  3d32e73   Set content-length (fix PUT request without body).
      adds  60dbf4f   Implement $result->first.
      adds  5cafd93   Add more tests to live.t
      adds  0ca1321   Change syntax.
      adds  28813ce   Change syntax.
      adds  8277caa   Change commit->get expecation.
      adds  763c9b4   Disable TODO, Github fixed the API.
      adds  765e048   Add more tests to live.t
      adds  912a376   v0.01003
      adds  a038ea4   Rename label => label_id.
      adds  54436a6   Add more tests to live.t
      adds  d8d10cd   Fix Pithub::Users->list_following.
      adds  9e835ba   Add more tests to live.t
      adds  7dbc387   Remove TODO file, added issues on Github.
      adds  524954a   Fix Pithub::Repos->update.
      adds  896ae52   Add more tests to live.t
      adds  67a33c9   Rename Orgs->Teams->get_repo to ->has_repo.
      adds  5acc915   Mark changes that might break something.
      adds  1bc4b45   Add more tests to live.t
      adds  70c42cb   Add more tests to live.t
      adds  67babaf   Rename test account/repo/org.
      adds  c53eb21   Split up live.t.
      adds  a45e896   Add more tests to live/repos.t
      adds  34e2c29   Add more tests to live/pull_requests.t
      adds  5937b0e   Remove TODO tests - Github API has been fixed.
      adds  106268c   Improve documentation.
      adds  aca4f5b   Add test for Pithub::GitData::Blobs->create.
      adds  6f5bfbc   Make sending HTTP requests lazy.
      adds  4bed438   Make access to response headers easier.
      adds  60a841b   Add tests to t/live/git_data.t.
      adds  11a154e   Remove Pithub::Request.
      adds  d0cedf8   Move tests to correct file.
      adds  059c77b   Replace prepare_uri with more flexible prepare_request.
      adds  d64a6ad   Refactor Pithub::Base->request.
      adds  6334bbf   Improve docs.
      adds  7fcea8c   Implement global prepare_request hook.
      adds  f1a1a98   Mark test as TODO.
      adds  47f263b   Fix list_comments test to check the last comment, not the 
      adds  50bb107   Fix typos.
      adds  315f73d   Improve tests.
      adds  b7cdea6   Improve the gists docs.
      adds  0e4083b   Add documentation disclaimer.
      adds  df6b71d   Improve Pithub::GitData::Blobs docs.
      adds  7f269fc   Improve Pithub::GitData::Commits docs.
      adds  2d79932   Improve Pithub::GitData::References docs.
      adds  052a297   Get rid of Pithub::Response.
      adds  c4df2fe   Remove TODO from test.
      adds  dbfa7d8   Improve Pithub::GitData::Tags docs.
      adds  3827845   Improve Pithub::GitData::Trees docs.
      adds  7f45083   Implement params in options hashref.
      adds  ea5ab23   Use Pithub::Test to create objects in tests.
      adds  527252c   Implement missing call: List the issues of the 
authenticated user.
      adds  0f2703c   Update Pithub::Issues docs.
      adds  dcb68de   Make params a separate key, not inside the options 
      adds  98fe984   Docs docs docs.
      adds  aa0280b   Do not us prepare_request in Trees->get (recursive).
      adds  ee5c2d8   v0.01004
      adds  d8490e9   Fix wrong apostrophe.
      adds  2df4f00   Fix TODO test.
      adds  40f45a7   Add examples.
      adds  12c2479   Add exmples/
      adds  34c7f6c   Use ENV in download example.
      adds  cd5846b   Rename variables to make more sense.
      adds  d49229c   Fix typo in commit message.
      adds  d5f3817   Replace Moose with Moo.
      adds  581d9eb   Add some docs.
      adds  53c9ad7   Update Changes.
      adds  49eef49   Add examples/
      adds  c70fd92   Fix bug in link header parser.
      adds  6ce0ad2   v0.01006
      adds  280b8fe   Change dependency from JSON::XS to JSON.
      adds  b902d99   Adapt test to new response on /.
      adds  637fab7   Change fragile test cases.
      adds  9330571   Implement new repos hooks API.
      adds  ce30c15   v0.01007
      adds  bf95a0a   Fix outdated statement about Net::Github - it supports v3 
now too.
      adds  49264de   Use the Git dzil plugin.
      adds  1c778bb   Changes.
      adds  8ed65cf   v0.01008
      adds  86828bf   Use @Git instead of single git plugins.
      adds  5575068   What the heck was I thinking when typing this?! Most 
probably nothing at all.
      adds  4c675a1   Fix #145: Implement Pithub::Repos::Commits->compare.
      adds  5c25546   Change POD syntax for Response code examples.
      adds  cd9ed77   v0.01009
      adds  c8a32d4   Revert "Use @Git instead of single git plugins."
      adds  1d49280   Support new Events API.
      adds  0d44499   v0.01010
      adds  9d49d1a   Fix weird apostrophe.
      adds  59aaca2   Fix typo.
      adds  be9b5cf   v0.01011
      adds  6211c16   Fix failing live test.
      adds  66c6a0a   The /repos/:user/:repo/hooks/:id/test action becomes 
      adds  2794275   The /gists/:id/fork action becomes /gists/:id/forks.
      adds  2da8b59   Revert "The /repos/:user/:repo/hooks/:id/test action 
becomes /repos/:user/:repo/hooks/:id/tests."
      adds  7e3a71f   v0.01012
      adds  29c9e61   Fix wrong usage of Moo.
      adds  5c76581   v0.01013
      adds  8bf3eff   Update Changes file (too late).
      adds  f15a1df   Implement new issues assignee api.
      adds  84a2955   Implement new repos contents api.
      adds  1bc54ec   Add pod references.
      adds  150c59c   Fix pod errors.
      adds  a07af66   v0.01014
      adds  990847a   Fix usage on a Github:FI or Github:Enterprise 
      adds  20c243b   Fix base path on auto_pagination.
      adds  8e5bdf2   Implement new repo starring api.
      adds  42233f2   Fix broken live tests.
      adds  1ddb1a7   v0.01015
      adds  5ea992d   Start implementing search api.
      adds  6d53964   Finish search api.
      adds  6e3533b   v0.01016
      adds  d5e9a09   Fix tests on 5.17.x.
      adds  f04f637   v0.01017
      adds  31ef4d0   Update gitignore.
      adds  bb27b86   Support setting Authorization in prepare_request
      adds  a0e7e45   v0.01018
      adds  e6868b0   Fix missing changes entry.
      adds  70de48b   Replace JSON::Any with JSON
      adds  0514656   Merge pull request #150 from ghedo/master
      adds  9792b59   Update Changes.
      adds  7dcdd28   v0.01019
      adds  0cc9b43   Add contributors section.
      adds  590171b   Add start of Repos/Stats module
      adds  016ab2b   Make the sleep optional
      adds  3f35d84   Merge pull request #152 from omega/repos-stats
      adds  161a264   Update Changes.
      adds  58d4e3c   Gists now have another number in their comment urls
      adds  4a33606   plu is a member of a new org now :P
      adds  4ac9546   Update git_data test to new data
      adds  0e046d5   Update live repos test to new data
      adds  d32278f   GET / now returns pointers to other endpoints
      adds  a0d9bb5   Merge pull request #153 from plu/update-live-tests
      adds  d1f8477   v0.01020
      adds  3fafaf8   Add Repos::Statuses api
      adds  3ea052a   Update Changes
      adds  08c858d   Merge pull request #155 from plu/statuses
      adds  16d994f   v0.01021
      adds  b2e2a24   Use ReadmeAnyFromPod to generate readme.
      adds  3a42531   Add readme to be more Github friendly.
      adds  99c51ab   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  f716c69   Fix typo.
      adds  091dae8   Fix missing imports.
      adds  3298b39   Add missing accessors.
      adds  9f86806   Add tests.
      adds  d584de6   Update docs.
      adds  92a3af2   Fix wrong nesting.
      adds  6399115   Add Pithub::Repos::Releases.
      adds  5f38d61   Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->list.
      adds  5ec2ab2   Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->get.
      adds  72dda71   Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->create.
      adds  2ba94ec   Fix test.
      adds  657311a   Require token.
      adds  45ca39c   Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->update.
      adds  a920d7a   Set permissions for new releases requests.
      adds  0adf969   Fix typo.
      adds  2176015   Implement Pithub::Repos::Releases->delete.
      adds  515159d   Add example script for release api.
      adds  8184d66   Add organization to Teams->add_repo url
      adds  22db929   Update Changes
      adds  5223fd3   Fix a broken test
      adds  70b3594   Update readme
      adds  f96efa3   v0.01022
      adds  465b450   Add note about Downloads API deprecation.
      adds  ffefc78   Link to Releases module.
      adds  e084d66   Update README.
      adds  d8a3f09   Add Pithub::Repos::Releases::Assets.
      adds  18ba44b   Implement assets API.
      adds  2c09377   Add travis config.
      adds  7ffcdba   Add newline.
      adds  4e21826   Add travis status.
      adds  473d804   Bump version.
      adds  85e2d0f   v0.01023
      adds  212a891   Update Changes.
      adds  6e6f6ec   Update readme.
      adds  a6b755f   v0.01024
      adds  d778f8c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  a05e369   Add Authority to avoid PAUSE perm issues in future
      adds  49e7543   Set correct parameter when forking to org.
      adds  30c1fda   Add example to fork a repo into an organization.
      adds  6544601   Update Changes.
      adds  cf39b6a   Update README.
      adds  2baee0b   v0.01025
      adds  7823590   Gist URLs contain a sha, not a number.
      adds  420fa2e   The html_url changed slightly.
      adds  717d476   Handle the "truncated" field.
      adds  3babdd1   Merge pull request #161 from schwern/tests/fix_live_tests
      adds  2ad4167   Do not infer response stub file name from request
      adds  e12b3a2   Rename Pithub::Test to Pithub::Test::Factory
      adds  46167b2   Fix sed accident
      adds  a2105b6   Add the ETag header to Pithub::Result.
      adds  cb6bdf1   Fix the basic live test to be more robust.
      adds  5249697   Support request caching aka conditional requests.
      adds  d1b798c   Merge pull request #164 from 
      adds  5227417   Add abstract to SharedCache
      adds  f644258   Fix gist comments
      adds  60085ca   Fix orgs live tests
      adds  d598024   Remove methods to update user/repo keys
      adds  517c596   Fix public key live test
      adds  e87a735   Fix add/list email live test
      adds  13a1ffe   Test Perl 5.10 on Travis.
      adds  ef100ad   Implement Pithub::Repos->delete
      adds  58ab229   Try adding support.
      adds  14aacce   Merge pull request #166 from plu/feature/coveralls
      adds  2260305   Add Pithub::Test to hold uri_is()
      adds  f61661b   Add a default per_page, same as the Github default.
      adds  2a00591   Change the per_page default to 100.
      adds  d7e1972   Merge pull request #167 from plu/feature/per_page=100
      adds  e4fcd1c   Allow attribute overrides via the Pithub instance helpers.
      adds  66ac0ff   Merge pull request #170 from plu/issue/168
      adds  c5c629b   Fix test
      adds  3dae271   Use uri_is instead of is
      adds  ff9db60   Add coveralls badge
      adds  25acfc6   Fix the live branches test.
      adds  43988ec   Grammar fix in the docs.
      adds  6a74dbd   Document that attributes can be changed in the helper 
      adds  ee240c9   Document the auto_pagination default in Pithub::Base.
      adds  ceb12c2   Document the per_page maximum.
      adds  a0c483d   I think we can safely assume all DELETE operations 
require a token.
      adds  3749914   Make _token_required a little more efficient.
      adds  f45264f   .*? is redundant with .*
      adds  ef40c80   Merge branch 'refactor/token_required'
      adds  9d41be7   Add the ability to get info about a single branch.
      adds  9a17ded   Merge pull request #172 from plu/feature/branch
      adds  3dfbd30   Document delegations to the response object.
      adds  a6e8fe0   Merge pull request #173 from plu/docs/response_handles
      adds  ae7eb0f   Automate Github badges in the README.
      adds  a0228ee   v0.01026
      adds  f437eb1   Forgot to update the change log last release.
      adds  509340a   README version bump.
      adds  d12b6e9   v0.01027
      adds  e16c645   Use the Github issue tracker in our META data.
      adds  579cf76   Merge pull request #175 from plu/github_for_issues
      adds  1c1f4b6   Use Path::Tiny instead of File::Slurp and File::Basename.
      adds  cd2b2e2   Merge pull request #177 from plu/refactor/Path-Tiny
      adds  c13f424   A better isa check.
      adds  06ded5d   Change to JSON::MaybeXS
      adds  5e4a816   Merge pull request #176 from plu/refactor/change_JSON
      adds  9f7b90e   Need Moo > 1.001000 where they added non-code ref 
      adds  2473f3b   Update the change log for release.
      adds  6eb0b61   Version update in the README.
      adds  be1e758   v0.01028
      adds  8011104   Add contributor entry
      adds  f1ae037   Fix spelling in comment
      adds  c4ca31d   Merge pull request #179 from frewsxcv/patch-1
      adds  ebfe318   Adds a GHE example to the SYNOPSIS.
      adds  5e11cc0   Merge pull request #181 from oalders/master
      adds  8d86e7b   Add a class implementing v3 search
      adds  853a80f   Allow users to select the search API to use
      adds  4be5d0b   Stopy lying about whith API Pithub::Search uses
      adds  f343879   Allow tests to pass arguments to our accessor functions
      adds  a31c8ab   Tests for Pithub::SearchV3
      adds  c59508f   Update search docs
      adds  f545f10   Update README
      adds  a145441   Test on newer perl versions
      adds  9ec4029   Merge pull request #182 from rafl/v3-search
      adds  0eb4e91   Revert back to <= 5.21 - Perl @ Travis
      adds  68ad17f   Add Pithub::SearchV3 to Changes.
      adds  71fb359   v0.01029
      adds  5c0e9e8   Imported Upstream version 0.01029
       new  41ea856   Merge tag 'upstream/0.01029'
       new  0bed52c   Update debian/changelog
       new  d19a27e   Update years of packaging copyright.
       new  929fb3c   releasing package libpithub-perl version 0.01029-1

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                             |   6 ++
 MANIFEST                            |   3 +-
 META.json                           | 125 ++++++++++++++++-------------
 META.yml                            | 121 +++++++++++++++-------------
 Makefile.PL                         |   7 +-
 README                              |   4 +-
 debian/changelog                    |   9 +++
 debian/copyright                    |   2 +-
 debian/upstream/metadata            |   7 ++
 lib/                       |  65 ++++++++++++++-
 lib/Pithub/                  |   9 ++-
 lib/Pithub/                |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/                 |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Gists/        |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/               |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/GitData/         |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/GitData/       |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/GitData/    |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/GitData/          |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/GitData/         |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/                |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Issues/      |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Issues/       |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Issues/         |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Issues/         |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Issues/     |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/                  |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Orgs/          |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Orgs/            |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/          |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/PullRequests/ |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/                 |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/   |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/         |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/        |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/       |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/           |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/           |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/            |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/        |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/Releases/ |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/        |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/           |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/        |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Repos/        |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/                |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Result/    |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/                |   8 +-
 lib/Pithub/              | 155 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 lib/Pithub/                 |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Users/          |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Users/       |   4 +-
 lib/Pithub/Users/            |   4 +-
 t/basic.t                           |  22 ++++-
 54 files changed, 487 insertions(+), 216 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 lib/Pithub/

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