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kanashiro-guest pushed a change to branch master
in repository libmango-perl.

      from  4f0cfe1   releasing package libmango-perl version 1.18-1
      adds  01c34fc   first commit
      adds  64e7b3b   documentation tweaks
      adds  ac79d5d   bump Mojolicious requirement
      adds  3624984   fixed bugtracker
      adds  550cd4d   better protocol tests
      adds  e324003   changed reply format from array to hash
      adds  cfb9e22   added next_id method to Mango::Protocol
      adds  6d59a29   better examples
      adds  b55cc0a   better test for quad support
      adds  06ca800   updated .travis.yml
      adds  9335511   slightly better test for quads
      adds  a602d20   added count method to Mango::Cursor
      adds  e94ec69   added options to update and remove
      adds  956a317   changed default limit
      adds  799b2af   fixed limit functionality in Mango::Cursor
      adds  d556112   include skip and limit in count
      adds  6ee49e5   fixed rewind
      adds  dbcdc58   fixed a few small timing bugs in Mango::Cursor
      adds  8633cf8   no travis until they start supporting a 64bit Perl
      adds  e1d3ed1   check query_failure flag
      adds  7308e00   no need to sort documents
      adds  bfa5a50   handle authentication failures better
      adds  d07f0ba   test tweaks
      adds  b88f3b9   small optimization
      adds  dd67cdf   fixed await_capable detection
      adds  54248aa   added clone and explain methods to Mango::Cursor
      adds  9655baf   small optimizations
      adds  04ed587   documentation tweaks
      adds  3d414e3   better parallel find examples
      adds  d867caa   fixed array encoding in Mango::BSON
      adds  dd5f658   better array encoding tests
      adds  05e8613   added hint and snapshot attributes to Mango::Cursor
      adds  b65c397   added drop and ensure_index methods to Mango::Collection
      adds  bcde322   pass index options verbatim
      adds  ca32518   added support for capped collections and tailable cursors
      adds  2990590   allow tailable cursors to be cloned
      adds  babe62f   test document order
      adds  c2f3ee1   added build_index_name method to Mango::Collection
      adds  b88f44b   fixed exception handling for commands
      adds  0382e6b   added aggregate and find_and_modify methods to 
      adds  ac751f3   documentation tweaks
      adds  96bf6a6   added save method to Mango::Collection
      adds  ebc3748   added distinct method to Mango::Cursor
      adds  2dffbe0   test tweaks
      adds  12e3a23   changed remove and update methods in Mango::Colelction to 
return the number of documents affected
      adds  fe7bdd1   documentation tweaks
      adds  28d6b3e   added map_reduce method to Mango::Collection
      adds  90e69b5   fixed command exception handling
      adds  63d73b1   better exception tests
      adds  ed62335   link to official documentation
      adds  7bb6978   better return values for map_reduce
      adds  1e03878   small map_reduce tweak
      adds  4452117   fixed typos
      adds  2415f90   changed time format in Mango::BSON::Time
      adds  06a836a   small optimizations
      adds  30b268b   better time test
      adds  af9f5c0   better time tests
      adds  0512d29   changed time format in Mango::BSON::Time back to 
      adds  6940dcb   added Mojolicious example
      adds  72a7d01   added stats methods to Mango::Collection and 
      adds  4fe5cb5   allow find without arguments
      adds  75f3381   added eval method to Mango::Database
      adds  79544b7   simplified eval and map_reduce arguments
      adds  c6b6fc3   more eval tests
      adds  f8a15fd   better exception handling for commands
      adds  a0a7a74   test non-blocking remove exception
      adds  b1b98b8   added drop_index and index_information methods to 
      adds  5034636   documentation tweaks
      adds  e99d112   added MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  5f3ea63   added TO_JSON method to Mango::BSON::Binary
      adds  86bb120   fixed typo
      adds  00fcfde   fixed a few memory leaks
      adds  55f8d1e   try travis again
      adds  84d26c0   test travis
      adds  9fe76ff   test with real database
      adds  4498791   test without real database again
      adds  8d67c32   do not include MYMETA files in tarballs
      adds  464c5cb   added
      adds  097daec   documentation tweaks
      adds  b9c849c   unknown BSON types are an exception
      adds  2199f37   improved Mango::BSON::ObjectID to validate object ids
      adds  a25c711   better object id validation
      adds  5dc6d67   improved support for Mojolicious 3.97
      adds  375af43   mention how Perl structures are serialized
      adds  7b7ae99   also mention undef
      adds  97a6f04   changed heuristics for number detection in Mango::BSON to 
better line up with user expectations
      adds  c82fe56   changed to_epoch in Mango::BSON::Time to return a high 
resolution time
      adds  2bcf007   added to_string method to Mango::BSON::ObjectID
      adds  0a40e6d   fixed support for empty keys and improved Mango::BSON 
performance (closes #3)
      adds  21d0ae2   more consistent use of null byte
      adds  69da3dc   added tests for inf and nan roundtrips
      adds  269910f   added connection pool support for non-blocking operations
      adds  970c539   small optimizations
      adds  d1405ea   Fixed small typo
      adds  2005acb   Merge pull request #4 from avkhozov/typo
      adds  3939598   smarter connection pool management
      adds  9078081   made connection debugging a little easier
      adds  119e90d   better activity tests
      adds  9abb280   added CREDITS section
      adds  608b95d   test with real database
      adds  73b4081   added basic blocking GridFS support
      adds  3a8d9a6   fixed typo in example
      adds  c078e9e   small optimizations
      adds  cc85a8a   added a few reader methods
      adds  446d6f7   link to BSON type classes
      adds  a749fb3   added support for filenames
      adds  755b80f   added delete and list methods to Mango::GridFS
      adds  9e575b4   fixed typo in test
      adds  4c63c50   remove chunks too
      adds  84655ce   added content type support for GridFS
      adds  3b6c4fc   handle object id more consistently
      adds  0cf9bb9   removed id attribute from Mango::GridFS::Writer
      adds  70de3ed   more consistent BSON tests
      adds  dc185ab   improved Mango::BSON performance
      adds  0a9ac90   more Mango::BSON::Document tests
      adds  97946b2   faster UTF-8 handling
      adds  afde2dc   small optimization
      adds  3efbf84   fixed non-blocking connection pool timing bug
      adds  aae6af5   added basic support for writing chunks to GridFS 
      adds  0d31825   better non-blocking write test
      adds  81fbee8   added support for closing files non-blocking
      adds  1e12ec5   fixed ensure_index argument bug
      adds  74256d5   added support for opening files non-blocking
      adds  db29458   added support for reading files non-blocking
      adds  fd497fc   added support for deleting files non-blocking
      adds  089b83b   added support for listing files non-blocking
      adds  8e8556c   added seek and tell methods to Mango::GridFS::Reader
      adds  0e18cd8   make sure no chunks are left
      adds  6f7964d   added support for storing additional information with 
      adds  e7b00fb   added find_version method to Mango::GridFS::Reader
      adds  b4e003b   moved find_version method to Mango::GridFS
      adds  0b42d16   added slurp method to Mango::GridFS::Reader
      adds  8e76269   mention that the API is pretty stable now
      adds  8dbc14e   added a few GridFS examples
      adds  84c6883   more Mango::BSON documentation
      adds  2d3771d   handle missing files gracefully
      adds  ee9fe42   this is a MongoDB driver
      adds  bba3f17   documentation tweaks
      adds  05f7e1f   added tests for error event
      adds  25e85c8   test Mojo::JSON compatibility
      adds  676a27e   added is_closed method to Mango::GridFS::Writer
      adds  1d24d62   small optimizations
      adds  195e2c5   added max_scan attribute to Mango::Cursor
      adds  9e64256   small optimizations
      adds  3a45980   more small optimizations
      adds  6aede42   documentation tweaks
      adds  a0c703c   added backlog method to Mango
      adds  e7f8c3a   removed is_active method from Mango
      adds  374195b   more consistent examples
      adds  178d0c8   fixed exception handling in example
      adds  231ccbf   typo fix
      adds  75a967e   Merge pull request #6 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  eb5bd06   modernized example application
      adds  7eeac87   improved connection management to be fork-safe
      adds  1d1552f   added connection event to Mango
      adds  da0f79e   make sure connection is reused
      adds  5a958e4   better fork-safety description
      adds  22aa368   test connection error
      adds  1a6660f   improved connection management to be more fault-tolerant
      adds  dd2f983   fixed small typo
      adds  d3d532f   fixed documentation formatting
      adds  95ce85c   fixed typo in test
      adds  47c9e94   fixed Mango::Cursor formatting
      adds  0dbd46c   test tweaks
      adds  5b571a3   fixed command example
      adds  ab35b1c   changed return values of remove and update methods in 
      adds  403d752   small optimizations
      adds  185d623   fixed rewind bug in Mango::Cursor where the cursor would 
not be killed on the server
      adds  8698eb4   use hash-based objects consistently
      adds  a490c94   more consistent time tests
      adds  8fa524d   fixed .travis.yml formatting
      adds  a04c796   better BSON example
      adds  5d2c763   more detailed BSON example
      adds  97a4d06   show regex in example
      adds  979a767   fixed example formatting
      adds  0bac91e   use a hash instead of a document
      adds  3ae9a9a   mention that the Mango reference is usually weakened
      adds  76142f6   better description for mango attribute
      adds  7dc8def   documentation tweak
      adds  3d4a819   mention that the Mango reference is weakened on both sides
      adds  b894811   added fields argument to find and find_one methods in 
      adds  93e9fd6   added DBRef support
      adds  2e28920   test tweaks
      adds  fd3e471   mention that only the latest stable version is supported
      adds  29c3c78   fixed mongos compatibility bugs (closes #7)
      adds  d0cab1b   more portable stats test
      adds  7599a5d   added support for fallback servers
      adds  2462e07   better fallback tests
      adds  1aedbf5   assign default port for debug warning
      adds  bd90899   small optimizations
      adds  43f6d87   fixed reconnect bugs
      adds  d68b05f   small optimizations
      adds  2dba488   added from_epoch method to Mango::BSON::ObjectID
      adds  9d55888   added cursor support for aggregation
      adds  cf0f42c   fixed formatting
      adds  f582e3e   more aggregation tests
      adds  3dae74b   fixed number of skipped tests
      adds  bd26312   added collection support for aggregation
      adds  059c4b3   fixed number of skipped tests again
      adds  25e5f55   more links
      adds  7f87bae   simplify tests
      adds  05bb019   made diagnostics information a little more verbose
      adds  2e91b71   made diagnostics information much more verbose and 
optimized GridFS reading a little (closes #8)
      adds  f983bd9   fixed bug in Mango::BSON where all objects that stringify 
to "1" were considered boolean (closes #9)
      adds  3f4c4a2   small optimizations
      adds  67207c4   fixed concurrency bugs in Mango
      adds  ecfa28c   small optimizations
      adds  52cb378   added another command example
      adds  4539908   mention that the MongoDB documentation is still required
      adds  a9a5f29   added AnyEvent example
      adds  1f18486   fixed typo in example
      adds  bfd931a   improved Mango::Cursor to allow $query key in queries
      adds  d5dd21c   make sure query does not change
      adds  7461e81   mention that Mango::BSON::Binary can automatically Base64 
      adds  afdb6a2   slightly more consistent synopsis examples
      adds  140e715   added from_string method to Mango
      adds  55f58ae   documentation tweak
      adds  c3051d8   improved handling of missing files in 
      adds  65ccf3a   test tweaks
      adds  2ad5e08   use multiple hosts in example
      adds  39d7c5a   added options method to Mango::Collection
      adds  1ba232f   documentation tweaks
      adds  fe95ebe   happy new year!
      adds  75e652d   syntax highlight README
      adds  22fbfef   fixed a few small operator overloading bugs
      adds  cf7d775   document TO_JSON methods
      adds  118d2d0   mention how functions are imported
      adds  9b43b72   use the term concurrent instead of parallel
      adds  38c9f86   added comment, max, min and timeout attributes to 
      adds  e393155   removed max and min attributes again
      adds  8fbc7e6   documentation tweaks
      adds  02af699   use new Mojo::IOLoop::Delay feature
      adds  8cdd7fa   EV 4.15 is required by Mojolicious
      adds  b37ac2c   Mojolicious still requires EV 4.0
      adds  5f1e317   use new Mojolicious feature
      adds  fdd72fa   pass along errors from step to step
      adds  759e7ba   use encode_json instead of j in tests
      adds  a631929   highlight environment variables
      adds  2a5d803   documentation tweaks
      adds  e2e8137   fixed versions in documentation
      adds  5479321   improved storage efficiency of Mango::GridFS::Writer by 
lowering the default chunk size to 255KB
      adds  a52b662   fixed typo in example
      adds  d11784c   fixed another typo
      adds  d77cfcd   updated build status image
      adds  8c76eec   link to GitHub
      adds  b436215   do not use each anymore
      adds  e2fd6b4   fixed typo
      adds  e171483   improved command performance
      adds  87b4113   renamed timeout attribute in Mango::Collection to 
      adds  0610615   added support for MongoDB 2.6 wire protocol
      adds  c23612f   added build_write_concern method to Mango::Collection
      adds  55acbd2   added support for bulk operations
      adds  c905feb   pass around less data
      adds  be4677c   better documentation for bson_raw
      adds  39ac549   no need to mention unsafe operations anymore
      adds  25a1bff   improved Mango::BSON performance
      adds  73c9f3b   inlined int32 and int64 handling
      adds  f2713a5   use new createIndexes command
      adds  8967013   explain how bulk operations are grouped
      adds  d175db9   store offset with group
      adds  1240da0   moved build_write_concern method to Mango::Database
      adds  12fd8ee   link to attribute
      adds  1e26c10   improved connection management with wire protocol version 
      adds  b819cb7   dropDups is deprecated in MongoDB 2.6
      adds  9f1beb1   improved aggregate method in Mango::Collection to always 
return a cursor or collection
      adds  b4bf677   better return values for aggregation pipeline
      adds  66bdde0   use bulk operations for GridFS
      adds  c9e66f4   small optimizations
      adds  60be79d   added max_write_batch_size attribute to Mango
      adds  8a53572   small optimization
      adds  d723706   bump version
      adds  7510270   attribute value is boolean
      adds  c8dcc24   fixed a few typos
      adds  27bb88d   no more monkey patching
      adds  9fa0183   reuse more code
      adds  061b78e   improved support for pre-encoded BSON documents
      adds  26bdca9   bump version
      adds  6eaf139   improved Mango::BSON performance
      adds  604d3f6   bump version
      adds  882d214   improved error message for old MongoDB versions
      adds  ccb8598   bump version
      adds  1b86c6f   fixed bug where some Mango::Collection methods passed the 
wrong invocant to callbacks (closes #13)
      adds  c4d7caf   bump version
      adds  4e4f530   changed travis.yml to install the latest mongodb
      adds  1617184   changed .travis.yml to install only mongo-org-server
      adds  18144f9   Merge pull request #14 from alexbyk/master
      adds  4f77aee   better BSON tests
      adds  3f659c4   fixed bug where Mango::Cursor would request too many 
documents (closes #16)
      adds  21ba605   bump version
      adds  dde228b   fixed a few typos
      adds  511687c   added support for TO_BSON method to Mango::BSON (closes 
      adds  b6d9d30   bump version
      adds  bebccf3   removed unnecessary restart (apt-get already does that)
      adds  484e10d   Solved the problem when MongoDB may not be immediately 
accepting connections (
      adds  a3b2361   Merge pull request #18 from alexbyk/master
      adds  819e4a5   added support for performing blocking and non-blocking 
operations at the same time
      adds  56e29ea   small optimization
      adds  d0b8674   bump version
      adds  166bb7e   changed heuristics for number detection in Mango::BSON to 
better line up with user expectations
      adds  fe7436f   bump version
      adds  c9d75a3   updated for Mojolicious 5.0
      adds  885bd5d   improved Mango::BSON performance
      adds  ecb96e7   bump version
      adds  63e5b7b   more details about virtual types
      adds  5f3ff69   added inactivity_timeout attribute to Mango
      adds  eedb5f1   bump version
      adds  7dc7c7f   added await_data attribute to Mango::Cursor
      adds  1298fb4   bump version
      adds  e35c1a2   fixed bug in Mango::GridFS::Writer where files could get 
the wrong MD5 checksum (closes #20)
      adds  022fc8b   bump version
      adds  c53fad8   improved remove method in Mango::Collection to accept 
object ids
      adds  2709502   bump version
      adds  92010e6   documentation tweaks
      adds  8773d32   use new Mojolicious::Lite conventions
      adds  ca7265d   removed experimental status from distribution
      adds  07647ea   bump version
      adds  5a5107d   fixed small bug in Mango::Cursor where callbacks would 
sometimes get the wrong number of arguments
      adds  93af525   improved update method in Mango::Collection to accept 
object ids (closes #21)
      adds  b5e391e   bump version
      adds  53afd1f   fixed formatting with latest perltidy
      adds  1989fda   fixed delay example
      adds  d13cf69   fixed version handling in Mango::GridFS (closes #22)
      adds  d8551db   bump version
      adds  fcde9cc   a few more version tests
      adds  d19bc25   run isMaster command first
      adds  02297c6   store credentials with connection
      adds  b692005   slightly better names
      adds  d46eefa   improved Mango to avoid secondary nodes
      adds  69d647a   emit connection event after authentication
      adds  278f97d   bump version
      adds  093db7f   fixed connection leak
      adds  b48d261   small optimizations
      adds  d01eb55   fixed timing issue
      adds  a934924   more defensive connection management
      adds  77453eb   argument was never used
      adds  528b028   bump version
      adds  6a620a9   document Mojo::IOLoop features consistently
      adds  2630ae0   wait for MongoDB to start
      adds  1a0e305   added read_preference attribute to Mango::Cursor
      adds  fd515c7   bump version
      adds  bcbf294   test with Perl 5.20
      adds  f3c13c0   updated .gitignore file
      adds  dc92baf   added to_datetime method to Mango::BSON::Time
      adds  e150b15   bump version
      adds  80e9f4a   another bson_time example
      adds  124d086   fixed small JSON serialization bug in Mango::BSON::Time
      adds  b419bf2   bump version
      adds  38b9a30   improved to_datetime method in Mango::BSON::Time to be 
able to handle higher precision times
      adds  569a735   bump version
      adds  4dda297   make sure testing with Travis works
      adds  cd159b4   improved Makefile.PL error message for 64-bit requirement
      adds  c12a657   bump version
      adds  00c221a   added Mango::Cursor::Command and Mango::Cursor::Query
      adds  2b07c4e   moved cursor test
      adds  e79d06b   link to command cursor
      adds  f117238   no need for an empty command cursor class
      adds  e2b2b79   bump version
      adds  7de6c4a   link to collection class
      adds  2a44ab1   fixed test that was depending on Mojolicious internals
      adds  5ebab1f   bump version
      adds  e3d0c2c   updated example for Mojolicious 5.40
      adds  8dabd53   mention that the error event can be fatal
      adds  cc87c4b   fixed small connection management bug
      adds  30583d0   bump version
      adds  1ab0d1e   link to IRC channel
      adds  3f6559e   updated Makefile.PL for version 2 of the CPAN 
distribution metadata specification
      adds  bb78c32   bump version
      adds  a765075   fixed packaging bug
      adds  3bf4b9e   bump version
      adds  97f0cb0   Mango is no longer being maintained
      adds  45ae165   Mango is being maintained again!
      adds  4534fa6   remove travis-ci for now
      adds  f8a92e7   update email addresses and urls
      adds  7c48bc0   do not initialize Cursor::Query attributes
      adds  e187205   memory management overhaul
      adds  d59d630   small documentation fix
      adds  ef36e32   Revert "small documentation fix"
      adds  0651c4b   Revert "memory management overhaul"
      adds  8ed686f   fix github url in the Makefile
      adds  6aed264   fix cursor.t for the new explain format
      adds  774fbaf   Require MongoDB 3.0 protocol
      adds  6136f19   MongoDB 3.0 support
      adds  0fdb379   Add Mango::Collection::rename
      adds  bc3e59f   version bump to 1.17
      adds  86ecb37   Add missing credit
      adds  e8c09c4   Add SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication support (alexbyk)
      adds  5860478   Add tests for Mango::Auth memory leaks
      adds  5f3e007   fix ObjectID regex
      adds  d4221f5   Improve documentation
      adds  4ca8c1c   Version bump
      adds  27a0fde   these tests should not be run without TEST_ONLINE
      adds  dee8014   version bump for repackaging
      adds  0b6bbec   fix leak.t and bump version
      adds  68ec632   Imported Upstream version 1.20
       new  d3e63e5   Merge tag 'upstream/1.20'
       new  13ab451   Update debian/changelog

The 2 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                 |   6 +++
 MANIFEST                |   5 +++
 META.json               |   4 +-
 META.yml                |   4 +-
 debian/changelog        |   7 ++++
 lib/            |   2 +-
 lib/Mango/       |  28 +++++++++++++
 lib/Mango/Auth/ | 107 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 t/auth/auth.t           |  37 +++++++++++++++++
 t/auth/authenticate.t   |  37 +++++++++++++++++
 t/leaks/auth.t          |  45 ++++++++++++++++++++
 11 files changed, 277 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 lib/Mango/
 create mode 100644 lib/Mango/Auth/
 create mode 100644 t/auth/auth.t
 create mode 100644 t/auth/authenticate.t
 create mode 100644 t/leaks/auth.t

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