On 2018-02-19 Andreas Tille <andr...@an3as.eu> wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 03, 2018 at 02:19:30PM +0100, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> > I would suggest
> > [1] Request/get "phototools-team" group
> > [2] Set some admins
> > [3] Add users to project

> Thanks.  Since I'm a bit involved in feh maintenance could you please

>   a) add Laszlo Boszormenyi <g...@debian.org>

According to the web-interfave there seems to be a difference between
project (feh) and group (debian-phototools-team) members. Looks like
masters can add project members (or add the project to another group),
but only owner can group members.

Not sure whether having these two levels makes sense for phototools.

>   b) remove current feh repository
>      When I assumed to refresh my local repository from salsa feh
>      repository which I assumed would be up to date I've got no
>      changes since feh repository was originally empty (for whatever
>      reason).  I realised *after* doing some changes so a large chunk
>      of histroy would be lost.  I tried to rename feh to feh_broken
>      and intended to clone from alioth again but salsa claims that
>      the name is taken.

I think that was caused by not updating the Project name in the General
Settings after renaming feh to feh_broken.

>      So please remove feh and feh_broken (I do
>      not have permissions for this :-( )

I think you would need a owner to do this, i.e. Matteo. However I have
fixed up feh-broken/master to be identical to alioth/master. Please
doublecheck). The old feh-broken/master is in
feh-broken/salsa-master-backup. Perhaps that is enough for your needs?

>> Regarding [4] I guess non-owners would need to be setup as
>> "Developer" for useful access.

> In Debian Med we have set most active people to master (may be this
> would have enabled me to delete the broken feh repository myself).

You seem to be master (same as me). ;-) "Remove project" is limited to

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