Hi Andreas,

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 08:55:19PM +0100, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> >   a) add Laszlo Boszormenyi <g...@debian.org>
> Hello,
> According to the web-interfave there seems to be a difference between
> project (feh) and group (debian-phototools-team) members. Looks like
> masters can add project members (or add the project to another group),
> but only owner can group members.
> Not sure whether having these two levels makes sense for phototools.

If you ask me it makes more sense to add Laszlo as group member.  I do
not think we need this fine grained membership model which in the end
makes just work without serving any purpose that would come to my poor
> >   b) remove current feh repository
> >      When I assumed to refresh my local repository from salsa feh
> >      repository which I assumed would be up to date I've got no
> >      changes since feh repository was originally empty (for whatever
> >      reason).  I realised *after* doing some changes so a large chunk
> >      of histroy would be lost.  I tried to rename feh to feh_broken
> >      and intended to clone from alioth again but salsa claims that
> >      the name is taken.
> I think that was caused by not updating the Project name in the General
> Settings after renaming feh to feh_broken.

> >      So please remove feh and feh_broken (I do
> >      not have permissions for this :-( )
> I think you would need a owner to do this, i.e. Matteo. However I have
> fixed up feh-broken/master to be identical to alioth/master. Please
> doublecheck). The old feh-broken/master is in
> feh-broken/salsa-master-backup. Perhaps that is enough for your needs?

Yes - I now rewerted the name change since it should just prevent people
from cloning wrong stuff.  I added the last upstream release and pushed
the changes.  All seems to work well.
> [...]
> >> Regarding [4] I guess non-owners would need to be setup as
> >> "Developer" for useful access.
> > In Debian Med we have set most active people to master (may be this
> > would have enabled me to delete the broken feh repository myself).
> You seem to be master (same as me). ;-) "Remove project" is limited to
> owner.

I think the group should have about 3-4 owners (and I personally do
not want to be one ;-) ).

Thanks for your help



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