Hi Sergei,

Thanks a lot for looking into this.

> There are a few imperfections, which I'd like you to fix:
> * there are many Makefiles inside/usr/share/naviserver/include.
> Please, get rid of them. Or they are useful in some way?

Some of them are sourced by other naviserver modules, that will form
part of the naviserver-modules package. 

For instance, nsdbpg's Makefile[1] includes
/usr/share/naviserver/include/Makefile.module, which also includes

Other makefiles in that directory look unnecessary though, in
particular all *.in, .win32 and .build., I will delete them.

> * there is useless install-sh in /usr/lib/<multiarch-
> triplet>/naviserver/bin.
> Please, remove it as well.


> * is there a way to move /usr/lib/cgi-bin somewhere? Probably to
> /usr/lib/cgi-bin/naviserver, or to /usr/lib/naviserver/cgi-bin, or
> even
> to /usr/lib/<multiarch-triplet>/naviserver/cgi-bin.
> And instead of keeping it empty, I'd put a short README in it.

Sure, will do it.

> * *.tcl are gzipped in the examples in naviserver-doc. They aren't
> very useful in
> compressed state.

Right, will look into it.

> Otherwise the package is good, and I'll be happy to upload it.

Great! :)

Will fix all this and push --force to the repository in salsa. Should
not take much time, will ping you afterwards.


Kind regards,

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