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  In D26655#594240 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D26655#594240>, @ngraham wrote:
  > Regarding the thickened scrollbars, I think it makes sense for a few 
  > - Acknowledging user feedback: we've had a bunch of complaints about the 
thin scrollbars.
  With all due respect: 
  This is irrelevant unless you do an actual poll. 
  You will have user feedback that want the thin scrollbar back. (I will).
  > - Usability: even though the click area was the same size for the thin 
inactive scrollbars, it didn't //look// as large. This can make people 
subconsciously position their cursors more precisely than they need to
  my complain here is that this argument was either not made or discarded, when 
the first switch to thin scrollbar was done. 
  This is my main concern about this change: the going back and forth using 
adhoc arguments each time to justify the change, often contradicting each 
other.  It means essentially that we either don't know what we are doing, or 
dont think our changes enough. This is bad imo
  > - If we draw a separator line but keep the thin scrollbar, then the track 
looks much too wide because the thin inactive scroll handle looks lost in the 
wide track. But we can't make the track narrower since it has to accommodate 
the scroll handle's thicker expanded width too. Much simpler and more visually 
pleasing to just make it always thicker and not change its size on hover.
  Matter of taste. It think I would be happy with thin handle and separator 
  > - IMO the overall result just looks good. :)
  IMO so does the above (thin handle and separator line). With the advantage 
that it does not feel like a step backward.
  > F7883097: Screenshot_20200114_091952.png 
  > F7883099: Scrollers.png <https://phabricator.kde.org/F7883099>
  > F7883100: Scroller 2.png <https://phabricator.kde.org/F7883100>

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