> You might very well not be reading this correctly, as it's phrased very
> ambiguously:

Very likely. It is just that the ambiguous wording with the conclusion
didn't give me the confidence of the quality of implementation.

> However, C++20 also brought dozens of smaller language and library
> improvements that have been working just fine in both Clang and GCC even

Yes, many library features C++20 brought are nice gems. :)

> Ok, building and possibly also *testing* ;-)

Tests for async things are usually not that good/exhaustive even
for normal code that doesn't deal with experimental compiler

If we go for coroutines, I'd just advise a slower and well-planned
adoption then - use it in a smaller, but often used part, and then
go from there. (I hate advocating slow adoption of something this
cool, but... :) )


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