On 07/07/2022 19:24, Ivan Čukić wrote:
You might very well not be reading this correctly, as it's phrased very
Very likely. It is just that the ambiguous wording with the conclusion
didn't give me the confidence of the quality of implementation.

However, C++20 also brought dozens of smaller language and library
improvements that have been working just fine in both Clang and GCC even
Yes, many library features C++20 brought are nice gems. :)

Ok, building and possibly also *testing* ;-)
Tests for async things are usually not that good/exhaustive even
for normal code that doesn't deal with experimental compiler

If we go for coroutines, I'd just advise a slower and well-planned
adoption then - use it in a smaller, but often used part, and then
go from there. (I hate advocating slow adoption of something this
cool, but... :) )

We have some experience using coroutines in Plasma Mobile apps, and I
don't remember obvious problems. But granted, most of the time those
apps are built with gcc, not clang.


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