Dear David,

many thanks, indeed, this seems exactly like the bug I was looking for.
While patching the files is not nice, it's certainly a solution for the time 
(in my case, I am using Puppet for site-specific configuration on top of 
Debian, so things appear to be already distro-patched anyways).

Thanks and cheers,

Am 23.05.23 um 11:12 schrieb David Redondo:
I think this issue has been reported as
Seems distros resort to patching files, as these are installed maybe you can do 
so as
well. On my system that is


Am Freitag, 19. Mai 2023, 18:06:38 CEST schrieb Oliver Freyermuth:
(in case I ask at the wrong place, please redirect me)

Dear Plasma devs,

I'm trying to set Kickoff favorites in Plasma 5.27. The following
Plasmascript worked fine with Plasma 5.20 previously, and the used config
group and parameters are still documented in the Plasma scripting

for (var i in panels()) {
      var panel = panels()[i];

      for (var j in panel.widgetIds) {
          var widget = panel.widgetById(panel.widgetIds[j]);

          if (widget.type == "org.kde.plasma.kickoff") {
              print (widget);
              widget.currentConfigGroup = ["General"];

              widget.writeConfig("favorites", [
              // Dirty hack:
              widget.writeConfig('favoritesPortedToKAstats', false);


However, it seems to be ineffective with Plasma 5.27.

To my knowledge, favorites are now stored in kactivitymanager's SQLite DB,
and their order in ~/.config/kactivitymanagerd-statsrc .

Is there a way to pre-set favorites for new accounts via plasma scripting
working with Plasma 5.27?

Thanks in advance (and please RTFM me in case I missed some documentation),

PS: Please keep me in CC, I'm not subscribed to the list. Thanks!

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