Well ok it's not a perfect example. Also having a chat with one of the GNOME 
designers about fedora s welcome thing on what they learned and thought about 
it since theirs is kinda nice and non intrusive as well as helping set up 
things like social accounts etc.

Not saying it's rubbish just that it has to be considered for what it brings to 
the table. Is the introduction too in depth we may consider it something that 
needs redesign. What does it give the user beyond helping him/her getting 
acquainted with the DE? Like things like "do you want to install an office 
suite?" Or help setting up email etc?

It's a big topic and it's also a risk of using it as an excuse instead of 
redesigning stuff that needs it

On 15 September 2016 09:20:19 CEST, "Ivan Čukić" <ivan.cu...@kde.org> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I agree that the first-run wizard might be annoying. But if it was a
>first-screen with options to have 'introduction', 'new features',
>'setup wizard', I think it would be ok. Manjaro has had a first-run
>screen for ages, I never found it problematic.
>Plus, Martin had a few really nice points there.
>> Beyond that there is also the old truism that if you need to explain
>> the user how to do common tasks then those tasks need redesign.
>I think this is a fallacy. If you had a lumberjack that used an axe
>for his whole life, and got him a chainsaw, without any introductory
>instructions, he would just keep swinging that thing at the tree.
>The fact that people are used to a certain kind of UI is not the
>reason for you not to invent something new and better.

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