On Sunday 18 September 2016, Alessandro Longo wrote:
> Hi all,
> as written here[1] on KDE Planet I want to know thoughts on new colors
> and shapes for Breeze mime-types icons, specially from people involved
> in Plasma, since it's the main product that uses them.
> Please reply to visual-des...@kde.org if you are subscribed there.

quick feedback:
executable: it's not really a "document you can open", so it's probably the 
one icon where it makes more sense to have a distinct shape like the gear

ms office:
indeed, trademarked logos should be avoided as much as possible, i would 
object putting their official logos in our repo for clear legal reasons.

I'm fine with the colors, tough i guess i'll have to see it in real life to 
see if it doesn't look too much "noisy" when a large number of files is 
visualized. similar concern for having a lot of icons with different shapes 
(like images, archives and videos) is true that helps to make a type more 
recognizable, but could also make a view look more messy...

Marco Martin

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