In general I think it's a good idea to have a gear shape for .exe, ...
files, but I have to have a look if it look good as it is now with the big

MS Office
the ms logos will be removed cause we don't want to ship app specific
mimetypes (exclude .deb, .exe, ... files). Also we respect trademarks

Different shapes = different contend
shapes should help the user to know what is the file content. therefore we
have different shapes for
- audio
- video
- images (pixel graphic)
- archiv
- disk images (vbox disk)

the idea is not to define for each file type a different shape. only this
view different content sections get a special shape. If it's no file from
one of the section the default shape was used.

Different colors = different file types
all audio files have the same shape and most of them has the same central
logo to separate different file types colors were used. In some areas like
images also the central logo is different.

The different colors were reviewed cause now we had a lot of e.g. green
mimetypes. app specific mimetypes like ms-word should get the color from
the app file for a better recognization.

So in the end the update is visible but with the same design language as

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