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Plasma Meeting minutes 19-9-2016

Present: bshah, Sho, andreas_k, jens, kbroulik, llucas, notmart, sebas

* Fixed grouping for Wine apps in Task Mananager
* Fixed launcher toggle action in Task Manager context menu not being disabled 
when we can't produce a launcher URL
* Sorted out handling of X11 utility windows (_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_UTILITY): 
Not shown on Task Manager anymore (again), still shown on Pager
* Fixed Pager layout regressions and optimized the layout a bit
* Fixed Pager showing windows in demands-attention state on all desktops
* Fixed Pager not clipping/eliding desktop labels correctly
* Made Pager pick up virtual desktop name changes in realtime
* Fixed Plasma theme / color group handling for icons in App Dash and Simple 
Menu system favorites area
* Fixed “Switch Window” desktop containment mouse action listing windows from 
other activities
* Big hunting session on eliminating unnecessary panel resizes slowing down 
Plasma startup
* Icontasks “DND is wonky” issues turned out to be Qt 5.6.x-specific
* Hover patch merged into Qt \o/ Will fix desktop context menu wonkyness
* More Neon Korean Edition testing, great progress there

- Some research/PoC work for architecture change for Plasma mobile
- Experiment with newer sddm version (0.14) to replace simplelogin
- Working on debian based mobile images in addition to neon

* mimetype icons updated, part of design update for 5.9 onwards
* taskbar svg is now also in frameworks

* bugthrashing guide in the works
* talking with wikimedia about prototype and testing tool
* started on appdach

* Some fixes for notification (clear all context menu entry, limit 
notification popup size and scroll if neccessary)
* Added battery icon to lock screen and login
* More right-to-left fixes (plasma sidebars on the right side, window 
switcher, also massively cleaned up that old qml code it used)
* Fixes to task manager (improved mapping for mpris to window, media controls 
in context menu)

* plasma 5.8 voice over will be done by chris from linux action show, should 
be available later today or tomorrow morning

* fixed two (last-before-5.8?) bugs about plasma and multiscreen
** panel offset was resetted if the controlled had been open
** panels disn't know what screen they were in when the active screen changed 
(if only one screen is active, the same QScreen* will be recycled, that wasn't 
* some triaging
* kirigami: ongoing port to QtQuickCotrols2, most components now based on some 
QQC2 class
** still a lot to fix/change
** some things fit well (like drawers) some don't really fit (like 
** it's one a branch of the same components for now(mart/Kirigami2), will have 
to be made coinstallable somehow

* OSDs in kscreen are now hidpi-able
* bit of cleanup here and there for the beta
* blogged about LTS
* fixed a build problem in kwin caused by a BIC and SIC commit to Qt (wow. :/)
* new bugs coming in after beta, keeping on top of that (good to see people 


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