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> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=365967
> It's a bug in that weather applet that it's rendering outside the area it
> actually has - and that needs fixing anyway.
> Introducing a new form factor won't solve that - in both cases you have to
> do the exact same amount of work to that applet.

yes, just needs something for the applet to check (which at the moment
doesn't have) i don't think it's fixable completely from systray side
(most one could do, is clipping, which I would like to avoid)

>> IndicatorArea formfactor would have a Mutable immutability┬░, because
>> the systray itself should always be able to both add and remove
>> plasmoids in itself even when immutable (even Systemimmutable) it
>> could still hide/disable the ui to do so when immutable, but must be
>> programmatically able to do so.
> 365618 and 365569 are basically the same thing right?

yes, same thing, entries not getting removed when locked.

> You're saying we need mutability to be different in system tray containment
> compared to it's parent. Sounds fine. +1
> But I don't see why we would tie that to the formFactor.
> Semantically they're not remotely related, the only link is that the system
> tray happens to need both.

perhaps you are right, semantically they are two things, not sure what
could be used instead more "proper"(suggestions welcome), will think
more about it.

also, what do you suggest for 5.8? trying to temporarly unlock?

Marco Martin

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