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> >
> > Actually adding a virtual is, but the design pattern of a virtual is
> do-able
> > in multiple other ways which are binary compatiable.
> > *if* that's the approach we want (and it's my preferred option) I'll
> make a
> > RR that does it.
> I know about having a slot that would be invoked with metaobject, or
> having a new setter/getter, both of which i wouldn't like much

The way I'd got for it making

Applet::immutable() {
    return property("immutable").value<>()

then we change our Q_PROPERTY in Plasma::Applet to go to a real

system tray containment can then also implements the property.


Another possible technique is we export a new class which inherts Applet,
contains the virtual but doesn't contain any member variables.
Then in Applet we can static_cast<AppletExtension>(this)->myVirtualMethod();

If we want the system tray to have any more special cases, that's not as
crazy as it first sounds.


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