<Sho_> * Services integration - I see more and more users who have
data locked up in clouds (GDrive, etc.) and rely on accessing it
    <Sho_> Gnome has GDrive integration, we need to do more on getting
cloud filesystems into our software too, but we dropped the ball on
KAccounts etc. for now
    <notmart_> but withth tings like proprietary services is like a
dangerous soul tradeoff..
     dangerous or not, even our cloud support for Free services is
sub-par (next/owncloud, for example)
     eventually boudhayan could work on it, related to caldav/carddav
for spacebar
     <elvisangelaccio> Sho_: we have kio slave for gdrive now, but
needs integration with kaccounts indeed.
     kio gdrive is the technology, but do we know how we fit it into
our "UI Story", so users find it?


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