<d_ed> biggest pain point from bugzilla is mostly still
multiscreen. I'm not sure we have a solid plan of what /should/ happen
in each situation.
    <d_ed> panel gets added to screen 1 and 2, you disconnect screen
2. How many panels do you have on screen 1
    <Sho_> btw, this is meta, but I feel the amount of feedback we get
on multiscreen is really telling about our audience - many people who
use KDE have multiple screens it seems, and only certain kinds of
people and usage scenarios involve multiple screens (enthusiast home
users, office professionals ..)
    <Markus_KMi_[m]> Multiscreen is also connecting to a projector for
a movie, not only multiple displazs on the desk
    <Fuchs> d_ed: multiscreen on sddm on X11 is something I reported,
it doesn't work terribly well as in: you get overlapping sddms if you
have overlapping screens etc.


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