as we discuss this already a long time now I think we should start from
scratch with a complete new idea. cause if our ideas in the past would be
good, we had finalized it.

I'd like to discuss it in the VDG IRC / Telegram channel and add the
results to


Am 17.10.2016 18:48 schrieb "Jonathan Riddell" <j...@jriddell.org>:

> We had a discussion on System Settings at the meeting today which
> merited its own thread:
>  * system settings direction and improvements (alex-l, ...)
>     <alex-l_> the most complained part for me is System Settings:
> newbies don't like it
>     <d_ed> I like some of what Andreas is doing
>     <d_ed> the lots of papercuts
>     <alex-l_> Note on SySe: Daniel Foré from Elementary OS had the
> idea to introduce a cross-DE URI scheme to let apps open precise
> system settings module. If SySe will adopt it, its complexity would be
> reduced and users would be able to find easily the settings related to
> the app they are using. As always the question is: there would be the
> manpower to implement it?
>     <Sho_> but the problem is that the "let's fix system settings"
> attempts i see are always vague and high-level and end up being a
> rearrangement of marbles, instead of purpose-directed. for example,
> here's a real thing we need to fix in settings: the keyboard layout
> kcm needs to become an input languages kcm, so people can set up an
> IME in there easily to actually be able to type their lang. that's
> something we suck at that Gnome/Windows/Mac do well. but instead it's
> "maybe we
>     mgraesslin thinks that part of the problem is that we constantly
> move things around because we think we finally found the ultimate
> solution
> Go ahead and discuss...

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