On Thursday August 10 2017 17:15:20 Martin Flöser wrote:

> Point is: if the kernel could read the information from the device, it 
> would know it. I don't think that the kernel knows it, which means I 
> don't think that the device driver has that.

Hmm. That still might make sense for position information (even for a trackpad 
device which must have an internal knowledge where it's being pressed on, 
contrary to traditional mouses/trackballs). But buttons have only 2 states so 
instead of sending a state change signal when one is pressed or released the 
device could just as well send the actual state.

> no idea whether it uses libevdev, but it's of course evdev.

Whichever, it's Linux-specific (with a rather recent port to *BSD IIRC). I 
installed the latest version the other day and decided not to bother installing 
the XOrg libinput plugin/module too because it just seems to add a layer of 


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